Young Thug: ‘Your Son Is Sexy And So Is U’

By now, nothing much Young Thug does tends to surprise anyone — whether it’s wearing a pink tutu, getting kicked out of a mall for threatening to shoot a security officer, being indicted on charges that he was involved in shooting up Lil Wayne’s tour bus last April, the fact that he’s bisexual but claims to be engaged to a woman, says that womens’ clothes are way better than mens’, or the fact that he takes to social media (mainly Instagram) more than the average teenager.

What is surprising about him, however, is that it’s not always clear on what or who he is hitting on. This has been an issue before, like when he declared a mad love for Gucci Mane while Gucci was in prison, claiming that he missed him. Not long after that he made the general announcement, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, that if he was president he would never make anyone stay in prison for life; in a politically correct nutshell saying “Everyone deserves a second chance.”

However, the direct message feature on Instagram allows users to send each other pictures and messages that other users of Instagram can’t see. This can be a boon or a problem, as one instagram user recently found out when she was hit on (or was she?) by Young Thug in a very curious way; he sent her a DM that was not shy or remotely hard to interpret.”

“Your son is sexy and so is u”

Bad grammar and text-speak aside, that has to be one of the strangest pick-up lines many have heard, including the receiver, who promptly posted it to Instagram and it immediately got thousands of likes and shares, according to Vibe. It has since been removed, but pictorial evidence remains, as nothing on the internet ever truly goes away. Young Thug made no more comments on his strange pick-up line. Never one to be shy about his personal use of marijuana, Thug also has a penchant for being known for his lack of inhibition. That’s not to say he was under the influence of marijuana, but it is to say that it is possible given his very frequent posts and pictures of him smoking the still-illegal-in-Georgia drug.

But Thug hasn’t been in Atlanta much; he’s been touring Europe and has recently announced he will soon be releasing Slime Season 3. He was been far more flagrant and forthcoming during interviews in Paris than in the U.S., so it could very well be the culture and climate of Europe agrees with the Thugger.

Too bad it doesn’t agree with all his fans, who put a frowny face after her post from Thug, indicating her dislike.

Whether one finds him arrogant, strange, distasteful, or not legitimate as an entertainer, he is raking in a ton of money, which he says has been his goal. However, his recent comments on other issues on Instagram have left many wondering as to his mental status and well being.

Young Thug, who released a joint Metro Thuggin project recently, had a heady feud and harsh words on Instagram. Taking the commentary as a reference to his three mixtapes released this year, the Atlanta rapper questioned Metro Boomin. He also took a verbal shot at Future, stating that the “Rotation” rapper is the “Tito to his Michael Jackson.”

“A n*ggas music couldn’t never sound nowhere near mine…(IM MICHEAL (sic) and HE’S TITO)…it’s ok to ride a n*gga d**k but don’t agitate another one lil N*gga”

Strange words indeed.

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