Tumblr Rolls Out “Pinned Posts”

Tumblr on Thursday rolled out a new product that allows users to pin their favorite and most important posts to the top of their followers’ dashboards for 24 hours, helping their content to gain more exposure.

The program much like the platforms “Highlighted Posts” product comes at a cost, users must pay $5 to hover their posts on their followers’ dashboard, $3 more expensive than the Highlighted Posts feature.

The new program builds on the company’s “Radar” and “Spotlight” pages which allow users to advertise on the right rail of followers’ dashboards or run display ads at the top of Spotlight pages.

Pinned Posts is a great way to reach a bigger follower base however Tumblr notes that users can “un-pin” those posts at any time which limits the number of displays it will receive.

Just like Highlighted offerings the Pinned Posts feature is self-serve and users can pay with a credit card or PayPal.

There is one big problem with the new Tumblr “Pinned Posts” feature, Tumblr has not rolled out any type of analytics dashboard at this time which means users can not effectively figure out what the new exposure type has done for their paid posts. Tumblr says Highlighted Posts have performed “fairly well” but failed to disclose further details.

Tumblr in the meantime continues to focus all of its advertising on followers, blogs and posts.

Here’s a quick look at the simple setup process for promoting a post:

Promote This Post on Tumblr

Will you use the “Pin this Post” feature or do you want analytics installed before you promote your posts on Tumblr?