Sarah Silverman Causes Uproar With ‘Genderfluid Jesus’ Tweet

Comedian and actress Sarah Silverman posted a tweet that has a plethora of people in an uproar. New York Daily News reports that Silverman, 45, known for her controversial sense of humor, took to Twitter on Christmas Day and posted a controversial comment.

“MERRY CHRISTMAS! Jesus was gender fluid!”

Sarah Silverman's Twitter pots on Christmas Day were found to be distasteful by many people. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Genderfluid is defined as a person identifying as both male or female, neutrois, and other non-binary identities, or a combination of identities. These identities can change over time and can change depending on the person’s circumstances. Although numerous people identify as genderfluid, a myriad of Twitter users were so upset over Silverman’s comment that they felt compelled to insult the comedian.

Whether intended be a joke or not, Silverman continued on with more antics that infuriated many Twitter users, including a joke about Santa Claus’ “pubes.”

Christians weren’t the only group of people who felt insulted by Silverman’s tweets. A Jewish commenter on Breitbart stated that Silverman makes other Jewish people look bad with her outrageous antics.

“I’m ashamed to say someone like her is a Jew. It’s only by heritage. Her religion is liberalism.”

Silverman has always denied that she’s anti-Christian, regardless of her taste in jokes. In a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, the actress said that while she loves Jesus, she doesn’t have tolerance for people who continue to force their beliefs onto others while doing things that Jesus would never approve of.

“I love the symbol of Jesus. It’s so odd to me that so many people on the far right use his name to justify terrible things that I can’t imagine he’d approve of.”

However, this isn’t the first time Silverman has caused an uproar over Jesus and Santa. In 2005, the I Smile Back actress starred in a short video clip, Give the Jew Girl Toys, in which she sang about how she didn’t think Jesus was the son of the God, but just a “nice boy.”

Last year, Silverman struck again when she posted a video entitled, Sarah Silverman is Visited By Jesus Christ. In the five-minute video, Silverman said that Jesus visited her in order to spread the word that his name is being used the wrong way. She also spoke out on abortion issues and women’s right to choose, while indicating that Jesus told her that everyone would listen, even if they thought she was joking.

When questioned about the video during the 2014 Rolling Stone interview, Silverman said that she wanted to get the word out about how the far right is attempting to make abortion illegal by using Jesus as their reason. She admitted it was a comedy, but still feels strongly about the message of pro-choice.

“Gee, I just started seeing this a lot, like voter suppression. It’s hard not to notice the far right is trying to make abortion illegal. They’re making it a bear of a job and they’re chipping away at it state by state. They’re just doing it quietly, the same way they did with voter suppression. I wanted to make something that was informational, though obviously with comedy.”

Regardless of the backlash, Sarah Silverman doesn’t seem too distressed over it. She has yet to comment back to the hundreds of people who admonished her on social media.

[Photo Courtesy of Mike Windle/Getty Images]