Did Life On Earth Originate On Mars?

Panspermia is the theory that life started somewhere else besides Earth and was essentially seeded here by an impact of a comet or asteroid. A manned mission to Mars may finally confirm that life on Earth originated on Mars. The idea that life came to Earth from Mars is no longer fringe science. It is now an accepted theory in some parts of the scientific community. Some scientists are now saying that the conditions on Earth were too volatile billions of years ago for life to begin here. The conditions on Mars were far more conducive to life.

The U.S. has been sending rovers to Mars to study the alien planet and none of the rovers have found anything that would allow scientists to confirm that life started or exists on Mars. One of the thoughts for why the rovers have not found anything is due to the fact that they just can’t dig deep enough into the martian soil. It would take humans on Mars to conduct further, in-depth, exploration of the martian soil that the rovers can’t access. It is said that what takes the rovers a week to accomplish, a human can do in less than a half hour. Bill Nye wrote a book, Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World where he comments on the possibility of finding evidence that life on Earth originated on Mars.

“If we found microbes on Mars that are clearly related to those on Earth, such a discovery would change the course of human history … everyone everywhere would soon come to feel differently about what it means to be a living thing in the cosmos.”

Linda Billings, a consultant to NASA’s Astrobiology and Near Earth Object Programs warns that a discovery of this historic magnitude will take time.

“As is the case with most scientific discoveries, the discovery of extraterrestrial life will likely be a prolonged process. Claims of evidence of extraterrestrial life will be subjected to peer review, and other scientists will continue to look for further evidence.”

We have already seen this process back in 1996. A paper was published and a special news conference was held in which scientists stated that they had proof of life on Mars. The martian meteorite found in Antarctica, ALH8400, was the subject of the announcement. Scientists claimed that they were able to identify a fossil in the meteorite that was a fossil of a form of bacteria. Billings commented on the process of making the discovery and announcement.

“The astrobiology community spent months into years investigating those claims. Eventually a consensus emerged in the science community that the original claim of fossil evidence of martian life did not stand up to scrutiny.”

If it is discovered and announced that life has been found someplace else besides Earth, life as we know it will be changed forever. Both the Library of Congress and NASA have come up with a plan for the possible fallout from an announcement of this magnitude.

“It wouldn’t alter the views of those who hold literal interpretations of Scripture. And the rest of evolution would follow as before. The tabloids would have a field day of course. But once the headlines faded and the conferences ended, I think life would continue on much as before.”

Many people believe that humans are not alone in the universe.

Is it possible that life on Earth was carried over from Mars or some other part of the universe? How do you think humanity would react if it was announced that humans on Earth are not alone in the universe? How do you think life on Earth began?

[Image via Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA via AP]