Boy’s Tantrum Over Wrong Christmas Present Goes Viral

Christmas tantrum wrong gift

A video clip of little boy who threw an epic tantrum after getting the wrong game on Christmas is making its way across the Internet, and while many people are not amused, others are reminding “tough love” parents that he’s only a child.

New York Daily News reports that the Twitter video, posted on Christmas Eve, shows a young boy still in his pajamas, staring at a new video game he just opened. His look of surprise quickly turns to fury after he realizes he just received the wrong WWE wrestling game.

“You got me 2k15 instead of 2k16. What the mmm!”

A female filming the incident, the boy’s older sister, told him the game was out of stock, but that didn’t seem to subside his frustration. He picked up a box and threw it to the ground, clearly disappointed in his Christmas present.

This young boy was not happy with a game he received for Christmas (Photo by @_MAYRADUARTE_/TWITTER)