WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan Done In WWE — Heading To TNA Or Global Force Wrestling

Daniel Bryan‘s in-ring return is one that fans around the world have been waiting for; but now, it may not even happen. Well, it may not end up happening with WWE, as doctors simply won’t totally clear him to get back in the ring. If the stand off continues for much longer, then Bryan’s wrestling career may be continuing in either TNA or with Global Force Wrestling.

In the past two years, Bryan has had to relinquish both the WWE World Heavyweight Title and the Intercontinental Title. He’s been out of the ring for more time than he’s been in it, and he just can’t seem to get cleared by WWE’s doctors to get back to work.

Rumor even has it that Vince McMahon has given up on him ever being an in-ring competitor, but now being an ambassador or maybe on-screen, non-physical, TV character. Anyone who has ever known or seen Bryan, though, knows that he doesn’t want to stand on the sidelines and do nothing but talk on a mic or promote.

Still, WWE will not rush him back to the ring, especially when concussions are concerned.

It’s obvious that WWE won’t rush him back as they would have already done it by now. With all of the injuries and absences that have come about in the last six months, Bryan would have been back in the ring if he could have been.

The losses of Seth Rollins, Cesaro, Randy Orton, and numerous others have caused a huge hole in WWE’s talent roster. If Bryan had any chance of being in the ring, he’d be there right now.

If WWE doesn’t allow him back to wrestle, other promotions may be willing to do so.

According to Christian Today, both TNA and Global Force Wrestling are places that could become landing spots for the popular superstar. If WWE would be willing to allow Bryan out of his current contract and have him become a free agent, the Indies aren’t the only option he has.

Global Force Wrestling founder, and former TNA star, Jeff Jarrett, would definitely have a spot for the former world champion. The World According to Wrestling had a conversation with Jarrett and he gave little doubt as to if he’d want to work with Bryan or not.

“Who wouldn’t want to work with Daniel Bryan?”

That’s about as good a point as anyone can make when it comes to getting Daniel Bryan on their roster or in their ring.

Bryan has been cleared by former NFL doctors that he has seen in Arizona. He’s also been cleared by WWE doctors for his neck problems, but their primary concerns are the concussion issues that have plagued him for a while now.

WWE and Daniel Bryan are both still awaiting the findings of a third doctor, and what his decision may be regarding the superstar’s future.

If WWE already has word, and it’s of a positive kind, they could be waiting for Daniel Bryan to return when it’s on a big stage. That could be at the Royal Rumble in January or his in-ring return could even be held off until WrestleMania 32 in early April.

If Bryan isn’t wrestling on the biggest show of the year in April, then it could bring about a great deal of doubt that he will ever get back into a WWE ring as an active competitor again.

Daniel Bryan wants to continue his wrestling career and he wants to do it with WWE, but that really may not be an option anymore. TNA or Global Force Wrestling could be calling his name before too long and that may end up being his new home before too long.

[Image via WWE]