‘Batman: Arkham’ Sequels? Warner Bros. Montreal Hints At Two New Titles

Are new Batman: Arkham sequels on their way? After the success of Arkham Knight brought Rocksteady’s franchise to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and a few teasers in the game itself, it would appear at least one more game is coming.

Rocksteady had a hit on their hands with Batman: Arkham Asylum, a game where Joker takes over the titular location and forces Batman to think about how to advance. It was unique, having given us a superhero game with a brain to rival Prototype for the first time.

Then Batman: Arkham City hit and opened up the world enough to make exploring a fun romp. New gadgets and a more involving story led up to a twist ending which made the game unforgettable for those who put the time into it.

Sadly, Batman: Arkham Origins took a step backward, turning Rocksteady’s hit franchise into a game that critics and fans alike considered everything wrong with the series. It even contradicted some of the details from City, making fans wonder if Warner Bros. wasn’t simply cashing in an easy paycheck.

The latest of the Batman: Arkham sequels gave us a mysterious new villain whose identity would practically be given away if you pay attention and have enough knowledge of the comic book lore. It also added the batmobile, which ended up being its biggest problem. Batman’s iconic vehicle had become too central to the gameplay and ruined an otherwise big improvement on Origins.

Since the release of Batman: Arkham Knight, Rocksteady has announced they would be done with Batman titles after their contract with Warner Bros. was done.

However, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, there were plenty of clues left in Arkham Knight, which pointed to a possibly expanded universe. Various companies founded by DC comics superheroes other than Batman had their logos in plain sight, such as Green Arrow’s Queen Industries and the LexCorp building, which is clearly visible near Wayne Tower.

The hints have led some to believe that a Batman: Arkham sequel was secretly being made. According to Metro, an interview with vice president of product development for the Arkham and DC Comics games Ames Kirshen revealed a hint that the series isn’t over just yet.

“Batman is one of the cornerstone IPs for Warner Bros. With the Arkham series, we were finally able to [realize] the full potential of the character. We don’t have anything to talk about at this time, but the possibilities are endless with a character as dynamic and beloved as Batman.”

“When choosing what DC Entertainment IP we might focus on for any game, it boils down to honing in on the IPs that map the strongest, genre-wise, to what fans are interested in seeing and playing. From there, it’s about getting the development studios with the strongest passion for those IPs to make the games’.”

Fans are hoping that Warner Bros. gets another developer with the same passion for the franchise as Rocksteady to work on a possible Batman: Arkham sequel.

IGN suggests that WB might actually try to handle it themselves, though. The publisher is currently hiring people to work on two new DC universe titles, and with Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice coming in 2016, they are probably hoping to cash in on an expanded universe title based on the fan favorite franchise when the movie hits.

Fans of the Arkham series probably aren’t going to want to trust Warner Bros. to make another DC game themselves. Their best games under the license have been developed by Rocksteady and NetherRealm Studios.

What do you think? Should Warner Bros. try again with more Batman: Arkham sequels, or let a new developer tackle Rocksteady’s franchise?

[Feature image via Warner Bros.]