Serenades Newborn: Dwayne Johnson And Other Sweet Lullabies And Heartbreaking Serenades To The Dying [Videos]

Dwayne Johnson serenades newborn in a new video that spread like wildfire at Christmas. In the video, you can see “The Rock” as he embraces the new life that is his Christmas gift in the form of his newborn daughter Jasmine, by performing a serenade of “The Christmas Song” (Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire). You can see “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson as he serenades his newborn daughter in the video he posted on Instagram below.

‘Twas the night before Christmas… #BeCarefulSantaShesTough

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The video of “The Rock” as he serenades his newborn daughter Jasmine, has resonated with people worldwide and shows that it doesn’t matter how tough, strong or famous someone is, you’re never too big to show sweet love to your babies, through music, lullabies and serenades. The video also caused us to remember some other touching videos that showed love in the form of a serenade as well as instances when someone used music and song to say their last farewells and good-byes to their loved ones. While we feel great joy when watching videos like Dwayne Johnson as he serenades his newborn daughter, we often feel deep grief and sadness when watching someone leave this life while comforted by their loved ones through song. Serenades to the dying are powerful, overwhelming and at times difficult to watch.

Here is a compilation of some of the most touching videos of serenades, lullabies and farewells.

In this video a 6-year-old boy serenades his newborn baby brother with the most beautiful and touching sweet lullaby. He has a soothingly calming and adorable voice and reassures his little brother of his love and care.

Lady Gaga made headlines when during her 2014 Australian tour, she stopped to greet fans and held a newborn baby who was crying. You can see in the video below as the baby responds to Lady Gaga’s voice while she serenades the newborn.

Warning! You will want to grab a box of tissues before you watch this video.

In a heartbreaking video, a father is seen as he serenades his dying newborn son. Chris Picco’s dreams of a wonderful, happily ever after with his wife and son came to a crashing halt. His wife Ashley died while surgeons performed an emergency C-section. Chris was left by his newborn son’s bedside in the Intensive Care Unit. His son, Lennon was weak and his prognosis was poor. In this video, you can see Chris serenading his dying son with the classic Beatles song “Blackbird.” Chris played the song on his guitar and sang the lyrics in a calming, and soothing voice that undoubtedly helped Lennon cross over peacefully.

Lennon died at 4-days-old.

While music is often used to usher in new life, as in the video of Dwayne Johnson as he serenades his newborn daughter, it is a powerful tool used to bring peace and calm when saying goodbye to those who are leaving us. In the above video, we saw Chris Picco playing the song “Blackbird” to his dying son. In the following video, we see the heartbreak of a life well spent, of love that has reached its full bloom and is passing from this earth. The video was shared by the couple’s granddaughter, Erin Solari. She states that her grandfather Howard is 92 and her grandmother Laura is 93. The couple had been married for 73 years and it is clear that this bond will not easily be broken. Howard is seen hovering over his wife, protectively while lovingly and gingerly stroking her face. He repeatedly tells her how much he loves her and though she is spending her final moments in hospice, she responds letting him know how much she loves him too. She even tells him to behave himself after she’s gone.

The video changes as music begins to play and Howard serenades Laura with the couple’s love song “You’ll Never Know” by Rosemary Clooney.. According to Erin Solari, the song brought Laura comfort while Howard served in World War II.

Though she could not sing the words, she did speak several lines.

Please be forewarned. Do not watch this video if you are not prepared to cry.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney]