‘Making A Murderer’ Netflix Series – Season 2 Of #MakingAMurderer Awaited, Full Episode Gets 200,000+ YouTube Views [Video]

The Netflix original series titled Making a Murderer is listed under Netflix’s “trending now” section for a reason. The TV-14 rated Making a Murderer show was filmed during a 10-year period as the real-life thriller tracked a man who was exonerated via DNA evidence — but then became suspected of a new horrendous crime.

On Twitter, the #MakingAMurderer proves plenty of tweets are coming into the social media site about the show. Making a Murderer is centered around the life of Steven Avery, a guy who served 18 years in prison for the crime of rape. When Avery, who hails from Wisconsin, was set free after DNA evidence exonerated him, Avery later was suspected of committing a horribly brutal murder.

Viewers that don’t have Netflix can catch the Season 1, Episode 1 of Making a Murderer on Netflix’s YouTube channel, where the episode from the first season has already received more than 200,000 views in one week. All 10 episodes of the Making a Murderer are on Netflix, and with each Making a Murderer episode averaging about one hour in length, that’s a good 10 hours that viewers would need to catch up on the Making a Murderer episodes that even celebrities are raving about.

As reported by Page Six, famous folks like Mandy Moore, Ricky Gervais, and Alec Baldwin can’t get enough of the Making a Murderer series and are likely among those people who are wondering when Season 2 of Making a Murderer will be released by Netflix. Making a Murderer could very well drop a Season 2 just as quietly as Serial dropped their Season 2, reports Bustle.

With all the hubbub that Making a Murderer is receiving a Season 2 of Making a Murderer is just about a guarantee. Mandy explained just how addictive watching Making a Murderer is when she called Making a Murderer a spellbinding series that she couldn’t stop watching. Obviously, Moore isn’t alone in her reaction to Making a Murderer.

“I. Can’t. Stop. Watching. It’s crushing but utterly spellbinding.”

Making a Murderer is being called better than Serial, reports the New York Post‎. Whereas Serial also held a nation spellbound, Netflix’s Making a Murderer is being called more sympathetic due to its main subject. Meanwhile, Making a Murderer reactions on Twitter prove how folks are reacting to the series.

As far as Season 2 information for Making a Murderer, IMDB only lists Season 1 of Making a Murderer as of this writing, likely because Netflix hasn’t provided season 2 information for Making a Murderer yet. Though Netflix could announce that Making a Murderer has been renewed for a second season while the first season is still doing gangbusters on Netflix, that hasn’t happened yet.

Making a Murderer had all 10 episodes released on Netflix on December 18, just in time for the Christmas holidays, when people would have time to binge-watch the riveting Making a Murderer series.

. Such a compelling & terrifying series. I hope gets a new, fair trial. Don’t ever get arrested in Wisconsin.

Gah!!! just when I think my heart can’t take another hit, something good happens. When I feel hope, something bad happens.

Most of us will remember 2015 as the Christmas when we spent 10 hours binge-watching the heart- warming .

Not watching on ? You’re missing the scariest show of ’15. A colossal travesty of the “justice” system. So angry.

“Poor people lose. Poor people lose all the time.” -Steven Avery

If you’re not binge watching with your family over the break then WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

After reviewing the evidence, I’ve concluded that the one responsible for framing Steven Avery is the ghost of his cat.

man they did this man sooooo wrong

My heart broke HARD when Brendan, 16, asks his mother: “What does ‘inconsistent’ mean?”

I’d like to Tweet about the obvious corruption in Manitowoc County, but don’t want to risk getting framed for murder.

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