Quincy Jones: Diddy Wouldn’t Know a B Flat If It Hit Him

There are few producers who have been as successful as Quincy Jones. He has fostered the music careers of such performers as Michael Jack and Ray Charles. Quincy has earned the right to give his opinion on where he thinks the music industry is headed and on Thursday he wanted the world to know what he thought of P-Diddy.

Jones was giving an interview to the Wrap at an event promoting Spotify in Los Angeles. Spotify is launching a service where they provide you with playlists made up of celebrities musical choice. During the interview Jones said of Diddy,

“[Diddy]couldn’t recognize a b flat. P. Diddy has a doctorate in marketing,”

Jones pointed out that Diddy has had a great success with his clothing labels and success with Ciroc (his vodka company).

Diddy is widely known as one of the most influential people in Hip-Hop. he has also consistently come up in the top three of the Forbes list of wealthiest rap stars. Jones’ criticism of Diddy was seen by some as a much welcome criticism of the man who most agree is not much of a musician. No one denies that Diddy has a great ear for what will sell, but that is about it as far a Jones is concerned. Although P-Diddy is credited with finding and nurturing the Notorious B.I.G. that was many years ago and he has yet to find an artist of comparable talent.

Diddy has recently announced the closing of several of his business ventures including the restaurant he named after his son, Justin. The New York branch of Justin closed in 1997.