Apple fail: Leopard 10.5.7 causes freezing, overheating issues

The latest update to Apple’s Leopard operating system 10.5.7 is causing widespread problems with Mac products including regular OS freezing and overheating issues (both possibly related.)

I know this because my two year old Macbook Pro has been constantly freezing since I installed the update, and when I started searching for a solution it took about 5 seconds in Google to discover that I was far from alone.

My first thought was that the freezing was directly related to the heating problem, and a number of threads say that this might be the case. Macbook Pro’s like the one I own have long been known to have overheating problems, and it has always run hot, so hot that you can’t place it on your lap some days. However until 10.5.7 it has never crashed on a regular basis. The problem though is that it would appear that what ever 10.5.7 does, it’s not just my type of machine having the issue, I’ve read reports of new unibody Macbook’s, iMac’s and even a Mac Pro have the same issues (I’m not game to install it on my Mac Pro yet.) I also implemented a third party fan controller to bump up the fan rate so as to bring the heat under control….and still it freezes on a regular basis.

You don’t have to believe me though: Jeffrey Zeldman who is well known and respected in the design community has reported the exact same thing.

Apple, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on your products because you’ve promised that they just work. Now they don’t. Please fix the issue urgently, it is not acceptable that a laptop I paid $3,300 AUD for constantly crashes and is unusable.

For everyone else: do not install Leopard 10.5.7 if you haven’t yet.

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