Ariana Grande Shows Off Her Saucy And Sweet Side This Christmas

Ariana Grande is revealing to her fans that she has two sides to herself. The pint-size diva showed off her seductive side in a saucy new Instagram selfie.

According to Bustle, Ariana Grande perfectly pulled off the sexy librarian look in her latest photo. The singer often looks adorable, cute, or silly in her Instagram photos, so it’s not every day that you see Grande looking like a sexy nerd. The “Focus” singer shared a black-and-white photo that featured her with her signature half-up, half-down hairstyle with a sexy black tank top.

Ariana Grande
(Photo Courtesy of Ariana Grande)

The singer captioned the hot shot: “(when I’m not squinting like an idiot) #cantseeshit” In her caption, Ariana noted her fans that her new glasses aren’t just for fashion – they’re for function as well. She needs to wear them for vision correction.

The 22-year-old is no stranger to posting flirty photos on Instagram. She often poses with duck lips, puckered up lips, cat ears, and with a variety of hairstyles that she never sticks to for long. But there’s one thing that Ariana won’t do and that’s take a “fake” selfie. The petite singer told Seventeen magazine last year, via the Daily Mail, that she’ll never act like she woke up like this.

“Everybody makes up these ridiculous captions for their selfies that have nothing to do with the picture, like ‘Layin’ in bed on Saturday.’ It’s like, ‘No you are not! You just spent an hour getting ready for this picture!’ We all post a selfie for the same reason – because we feel better about ourselves than usual. So just be like, ‘Hey, I feel good about myself today, so here’s a picture!'”

Grande’s seductive photo comes just after the release of her new holiday album, Christmas and Chill. She didn’t perform any of her original holiday songs, but she did get into the holiday spirit at the Disney Parks Unforgettable Christmas Celebration at Walt Disney World. Grande showed off her sweet side at the annual event, which aired on Christmas Day.

Ariana took the stage in front of Cinderella’s castle at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. The adorable singer wore a black long-sleeve crop top with a silver polka dot hoop skirt with white fur lining. Ari paired her look with black patent leather pumps and Minnie Mouse ears. She sang “Zero to Hero” from the Disney movie Hercules, which is featured on the 2015 album, We Love Disney. Ariana made a reappearance later in the show to play her lead single, “Focus,” from her upcoming album, Moonlight.

Ariana Grande
(Photo by Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

Grande was joined by other big stars such as Reba McEntire, Jason Derulo, Tori Kelly, Andy Grammer, Charlie Puth, Seal, and many other performers. This was the second year in a row that Grande has performed in the Disney Christmas Day Parade, which some viewers have mentioned on Twitter was not really a parade. Instead of focusing on the actual parade, it focused on the star-studded performances and also told the inspiring stories of three families who have a personal connection with the Disney Parks.

Ariana Grande had quite the eventful year, according to the Hollywood Life. She kicked things off when she went through a public breakup with rapper Big Sean. Ariana then hit back at critics when she posted an inspirational essay on social media, saying that she’s more than the people she dates. Then she was criticized for her donut-licking scandal over the summer. After making several public apologies, Grande made her comeback by starring on the new hit series Scream Queens and releasing her new single “Focus,” and teasing fans about her new album, which is set for release in spring, 2016.

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[Photo by Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty Images]