Teen Boys In Hot Water After Video Of Them Allegedly Molesting Young Girl Surfaces On Facebook [Video]

Two teenage boys are at the center of a disturbing Kansas City investigation following the release of a disturbing video they uploaded for the sake of receiving “likes” on the social network. According to KCTV-5, the video, which was uploaded to Facebook on Sunday, Dec. 20, shows the underage female victim wearing only a bra as the two male teens appear to molest her. Almost immediately after the video was uploaded to the social media network, it went viral. However, it didn’t take long for Facebook to pull the video and contact local authorities.

Investigators with the Kansas City Police Department immediately began working to identify the suspects in the horrific video. However, no arrests have been made thus far because, surprisingly, the full video has not been turned over to the police department.

According to the Daily Mail, the unnamed student who reported the video has only supplied screen captures of the footage because the full video was removed by the social network. It has been reported that the young girl is said to have met the two boys at a local pool hall on December 19 before traveling to a local hotel.

The three teens reportedly stayed at the hotel until the early hours of the following morning. At some point during their stay at the hotel, the victimized girl was allegedly rendered unconscious while the two males molested her. However, no definitive details have been released to confirm the claims. Later that day, the video surfaced and the incident was reported. Once the video was uploaded, a young girl — whose name has not been released — reportedly commented on the video, admitting she was the victim in the video and that she hopes her alleged attackers are held accountable for their actions.

Not only has the video caught the attention of social media users and the Kansas City Police Department, but the Raytown School District has also released a statement about the shocking incident. As expected, school district officials are absolutely appalled and outraged about the video. They are hoping both students pay the price for their vile actions.


“The Raytown School District has been made aware of accusations against two students in an off-campus incident,” the district said in its statement. “While we cannot control choices made by students outside school hours, we will cooperate to assist police in any way we can.”

The Kansas City Police Department is reportedly facing a number of challenges with the investigation into the video but have confirmed that the incident did not take place on school property. “It belongs to Kansas City,” Officer Evan Hartenstein said. “Kansas City is handling the case and handling the investigation.”

Although the two teens may have initially thought their actions were all fun and games, they could now be facing serious charges as many social media users and local residents are calling for their arrests. If convicted of any sexually related charges, both teens could face an array of consequences depending on the severity of the charges. If they are lucky enough to face a misdemeanor, they could spend up to one year behind bars. But if the crime is classified as a felony offense, then they face the possibility of being convicted felons, with a minimum of nine years behind bars.

[Image via KCTV-5 Screen Capture]