Steve Harvey Has Absolutely No Chill On Christmas — ‘Merry Easter, Y’all’

Merry Christmas, Steve Harvey. The Miss Universe host is “taking it all in stride.” Rather than allowing the Miss Universe mistake to ruin him, Steve Harvey embraces it and finds the humor within the social mayhem.

You have to give Steve Harvey credit. Many celebrities would not have taken the social pressure that he’s endured so well. But why allow people to make fun of him when he can do one better, and make fun of himself? That’s the mantra most comedians swear by, anyway. “If you can’t make fun of yourself, you take yourself too seriously,” says Samaka Phyllis.

According to Time, Steve Harvey‘s Facebook photo gathered over 1 million likes within its first three hours after upload. Right now, it’s at nearly 1.5 million likes, over 285,000 shares, and 63,000 comments.

From a look at the comments, most people are laughing along with Steve. However, there were still some commentators who were still very sour about the Miss Universe incident. Seemingly, Mr. Harvey is not paying them any attention. Many of the other commentators are doing a fine job of moderating the naysayers on Steve’s photo anyway.

One commentator, Chris Vasquez, attempted to give a positive remark. However, it backfired from one word.

“Merry Easter to you too brother!!! Glad to see you happy despite the horrible mistake made!!! Have a great day Steve!!!”

“Horrible” didn’t set well with many others. Several people corrected him, stating that it was a “simple” mistake and that there was nothing horrible about the incident. After a while, Chris became fed up with defending himself and fired back as follows.

“Horrible comment of yours… F**k y’all haters!!! I bet you half of you mfs didn’t care about Steve Harvey in recent years until this past Sunday!!!! And I know the first thing y’all gonna say is ‘Family Feud’!!!! Lol.”

Currently, it’s almost as if many people don’t remember Steve Harvey from the years prior to Family Feud. As can be seen from IMDb, certainly you can’t forget Mr. Steve Hightower from The Steve Harvey Show?

Yet, to digress, Washington Post mentions that the Miss Universe incident looked intentional.

“And why shouldn’t he be at ease? As floated by many the day after the pageant, the incredibly viral incident seemed like a planned mistake, as it ensured that everyone was talking about Harvey, best known as a daytime talk show and ‘Family Feud’ host. A pageant executive laughed off the suggestion, but Harvey certainly isn’t shying away from the publicity.”

Can you argue with his publicity? This comedian simply knew how to turn a bad situation into something positive. It’s definitely not the worst of events, and fans think the mistake is certainly something which could endure a little fun.

Likewise, Steve Harvey’s apology possibly vindicated his name. Interestingly enough, as reported by Inquisitr, Steve has been invited to host the Miss Universe pageant again next year. Moreover, Entertainment Tonight reports that, even with Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe mistake, the company still wants him back for an extended contract.

The source says that Steve’s paycheck is the most that the company’s ever paid any one host, and they’ve even signed a multi-year contract with the comedian-author. According to ET, the deal could last as long as seven years. The company has noted that its staff and executives “really love” Steve Harvey and would gladly have him host the Miss Universe pageant for years to come.

So, what are your thoughts about Steve Harvey’s Facebook post? Is it a “Merry Easter”? At least, he’s in the Christmas spirit, yes? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

[Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images Entertainment]