WWE News: Global Force Wrestling Wants Daniel Bryan

In WWE news, Global Force Wrestling has made it known that they are interested in acquiring Daniel Bryan and letting him be an in-ring performer, according to Wrestling Inc.

For several months now, wrestling fans have wondered about the status of Daniel Bryan. Many want to know if WWE will finally clear him so that he can get back into the ring again.

Daniel Bryan has not been shy about letting his intentions known. He wants to perform again, and his personal doctors have cleared him of concussion symptoms that sidelined him.

Thus far, World Wrestling Entertainment has refused to allow Daniel Bryan to wrestle again, as the company fears the negative publicity if something were to happen to him in the ring.

Since management refuses to let him do so, Daniel Bryan has gone on the offensive by telling the media that he intends to wrestle again, even if he needs to go outside of WWE to do it.

If WWE were to actually grant Daniel Bryan a release, then it would become one of the biggest stories the industry has seen in a while. Superstars generally aren't let go that easily.

Once he is no longer contractually obligated to WWE, then Daniel Bryan should have plenty of opportunities to do the thing he is most passionate about in life. He can wrestle.

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan [Image via WWE]

Daniel Bryan could head south of the border and work for AAA or CMLL, where he would be able to test his abilities against the high-flying luchadors that inhabit that country.

If he felt like going overseas, then Daniel Bryan could easily get a deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling. The promotion would love to set up a dream match between he and AJ Styles.

None of those companies have yet to make a public comment about Daniel Bryan. However, there is one company that has already gone on record by stating that they would sign him to a deal.

While doing an interview to promote Global Force Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett was asked about his interest in Daniel Bryan. He was asked if a deal between the two could actually happen.

Ever the public relations person, Jeff Jarrett was quick to compliment Daniel Bryan. Jarrett stated that Bryan was a fantastic talent, and that should be the general consensus from all.

Jeff Jarrett noted that Daniel Bryan was able to capture the attention and affection of WWE fans all over the world with his underdog status. He mentioned the popular, "YES!" chants.

Daniel Bryan
Daniel Bryan [Photo by WWE]

To further show his interest, Jeff Jarrett stated that anyone running a wrestling promotion in this world would be interested in signing someone as talented and loved as Daniel Bryan.

In regards to being able to financially secure someone like Daniel Bryan, wrestling promotions would more than likely find a way to make it happen because he can draw big money.

WWE has some of the most loyal fans on the planet, so they would defend the company if they were to decide to part ways with Daniel Bryan. Those fans would cite injury concerns.

There will, however, be some fans who become upset with World Wrestling Entertainment for not allowing Daniel Bryan to do what he loves best, especially if he thrives elsewhere.

Daniel Bryan has a pretty big decision to make. WWE has already offered him a job elsewhere within the company, but it does not seem like something that interests him right now.

Seeing Daniel Bryan wrestling under the Global Force Wrestling banner would definitely be a surreal sight to see. It would certainly elevate the company and their credibility.

[Image via WWE]