Duggar Family Spotted Near Josh’s Treatment Center: Did Anna Abandon Kids To Spend Christmas With Husband?

The Duggar family flew out to the Christian treatment facility where Josh Duggar has been holed up in just in time for the Christmas holiday. Around 9 p.m. ET, the Duggar family plane reportedly arrived in Rockford, Illinois. This is the location of the Reformers Unanimous school of discipleship that Josh Duggar enrolled himself in after confessing to cheating on his wife and indulging in internet pornography.

According to the Daily Mail, the Duggar family plane was photographed sitting on the runway at the Rockford airport on Christmas Eve night, and it was still there in the early hours of Christmas morning. John David Duggar is a pilot, so he’s the lucky guy who got to spend part of his Christmas working as a shuttle service for his family.

Because the Duggar family plane arrived in Rockford so early in the morning, it’s possible that Anna Duggar flew there with John David to spend as much of Christmas as she could with her husband. There’s no word on how many passengers were on the plane when it arrived, but the Rockford Scanner reports that an unmarked white van was waiting at the airport to pick up the Duggar family members after they exited their small Cirrus aircraft.

The van was escorted to the hangar where the Duggars were waiting, and Rockford Scanner reporter Rickie Traeger was unable to see them as they disembarked from the plane and loaded up inside the white van.

However, when the van left, he was able to make out John David in the front seat and the “silhouette of a female with wavy hair” in the back of the vehicle. This could have been Anna Duggar, or maybe Michelle Duggar decided to visit her troubled son. If Anna had decided to take baby Meredith to visit her daddy for the holidays, this would have left at least one of three older children parent-less on Christmas morning because the Cirrus can only seat four people.

A source previously told ET Online that Anna Duggar was planning on spending Christmas at Duggars’ home in Arkansas. However, it’s possible that Anna decided that she missed her husband too much and changed her mind.

The Duggar family didn’t pick up Josh and leave Rockford, so it seems as though whoever arrived in the plane was only there to visit him on Christmas Day. Members of the Duggar family, including Anna Duggar, previously flew to Illinois to visit Josh in August and November. John David always has to attend these visitations because he’s the pilot of the family plane, but it’s possible that he doesn’t enjoy seeing his older brother. During the first episode of the Duggar family’s three-part series, Jill & Jessa: Counting On, he revealed that he has lost a lot of respect for Josh.

“But, one of the toughest things I ever had to tell my older brother was, ‘I don’t want to be like you anymore,'” John David said.

TLC recently released the first two episodes of Jill & Jessa: Counting On for viewers to watch for free online, so you can check out what John David and a few other members of the Duggar family had to say about Josh’s cheating scandal below.

A source close to the Duggar family told People that Christmas would have been awkward for the family if Josh had flown back to Arkansas for the holidays.

“There would be a huge elephant in the room,” the source said.

However, while many members of the Duggar family might be okay with Josh Duggar staying away during the holidays, his children do miss him and seemingly have no idea where he’s at.

“It’s so hard when it comes to the kids,” the People source said of Josh and Anna’s older children, Marcus, Mackenzie, and Michael. “They miss their dad. They’re like ‘Where’s daddy?’ They’ve said it before.”

If the Duggars want to keep the kids clueless about their father’s whereabouts, it’s unlikely that they would take them to visit him at Reformers.

Anna Duggar also admitted to missing her husband in the latest episode of Jill & Jessa: Counting On, which you can check out below, so maybe she really did decide to leave her confused older kids at the Duggars’ Arkansas home so that she could spend Christmas with her husband. Anna is currently living in the girls’ dorm at Jim Bob and Michelle’s house while she waits for her “one and only” to complete his faith-based treatment.

If Anna left her older kids with the Duggar family to spend Christmas with her husband and baby, do you think this was unfair to Marcus, Mackenzie, and Michael?

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