Selena Gomez Wants New Boyfriend Niall Horan To Avoid Justin Bieber Drama

Selena Gomez recently started dating Niall Horan and things are really heating up between them. This all started after Selena’s long history with Justin Bieber. Now Hollywood Life is sharing that Selena doesn’t want Niall to end up getting involved with any drama with Bieber. Hopefully her new boyfriend is willing to listen to her on this one, because any drama between them would make headlines.

Sources say that Justin Bieber is really wanting an explanation from from Niall Horan about his new romance with Selena Gomez. These two were friends before this all started, and he is actually a bit shocked by the relationship. It does turn out that Selena is not happy at all about the idea of this confrontation happening and is hoping to avoid it at all costs. Here is what a source revealed about it all.

“Justin wants to see his so-called friend in person and confront him. He texted him a couple of messages but Niall isn’t engaging, per Selena’s instructions. She begged Niall not to get into it with Justin and to just avoid him for the time being. Niall doesn’t like drama anyway so he’s just taking Selena’s advice.”

Right now, sources are saying that Justin Bieber is actually hooking up with Kourtney Kardashian. Selena Gomez is now dating Niall Horan. The reality is that it might just be for the best if they all just let it go. Selena and Justin have dated each other off and on for years, but they might just finally be over with and moving on to new people. Niall Horan and Selena Gomez seem to be doing well, and involving Justin in their relationship is just asking for trouble.


There have actually been rumors flying that Scott Disick is going to try to use Selena Gomez to get back at Kourtney Kardashian for having a good time with Justin Bieber. Gossip Cop says that there is no truth to these rumors at all though. If Scott is dating since their split, then he hasn’t shared who the lucky lady is, but Selena is obviously in a relationship and doesn’t seem to have room for him in her life.


The rumors were that Scott was sending Selena Gomez gifts and doing everything he could to win her over. This would be a great way to get back at Justin Bieber for hooking up with Kourtney. Sources were even saying that Scott wanted to fly Selena to his big private party in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve and even offered to send a private jet for her. Gossip Cop talked to an insider who says this isn’t true at all and Scott isn’t trying to win Selena over at all. No word on who Scott is trying to date, if anyone at all.

Scott Disick recently spent some time in rehab after being caught cheating on Kourtney Kardashian. He is now back home, but the two have never got back together. Scott could still be trying to win her back and trying to use a woman like Selena to get to her and Justin would probably ever work for him. Kourtney wants him to be a responsible dad and stay sober, but she might not take him back no matter what he does.

Are you surprised that Justin Bieber wants to talk to Niall Horan about his relationship with Selena Gomez? Do you think it would be best if these two would just let it all go? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Selena Gomez and her new man Niall Horan.

[Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]