Kim Kardashian West Offered $2.5 Million For Saint West Photo: Where Will You Get To See It?

Kim Kardashian West has been offered a pretty big pay day for the first pictures of her son, Saint West. Of course, nobody has seen any pictures of the little guy yet and fans wants to know just what he looks like. Hollywood Life shared the news that Kim and Kanye were actually offered $2.5 million for pictures of Saint, but it doesn’t look like they are going to end up taking this payday. The reality is that isn’t that much money to the West family, and they can live just fine without it.

It turns out they actually have more than one offer in this price range. These would be package deals with photos of North West, as well. It turns out everyone is almost certain that Kim and Kanye will turn down the money and do the pictures on their own terms. Right now, Kim Kardashian doesn’t seem to have decided where she will be putting the photos, but it more than likely be somewhere that benefits her and not for a payday.


When Kris Jenner had her talk show, North West made her first appearance there. Kim kept her hidden until they were ready to reveal her on the show. Her sister, Khloe Kardashian, has a new talk show coming so you never know if they might decide to bring Saint on the show to help out Khloe. That would obviously be ratings gold for her because fans would tune in to see Kim Kardashian’s new little boy. A source also revealed details of another option.

“E! has asked for the reveal to be on the show, and [Kim and Kanye] also are thinking about putting it on their websites on Christmas as a thank you to fans and also a way to drive subscriptions to their sites. That is actually the option that has been mostly talked about, and the most likely thing to happen.”

If Kim and Kanye were to put it on their websites, that would get huge hits for the site, plus it might get new people to subscribe. In reality, they could end up benefiting more from this than a big $2.5 million payday. Saint West has been spotted out heading to the doctor, but nobody was able to get a picture of his face.


Hollywood Life shared that Kim and Kanye are also planning a big photo shoot with Saint and North West together with Santa. This will be his first Christmas and they don’t want to miss this moment. You never know if any of the fans will get to see these pictures though. A source was able to share all of the details on how this will go down.

“They’re hiring Santa to come, on a makeshift sled no less, so that Saint and Nori can have their first Christmas photos taken together. Kanye thinks dressing them in matching elf outfits would be so cute. Kim, on the other hand, would prefer them to wear regular clothing for the photos. They’ll likely do both. More importantly, they’re both elated that they will be celebrating Christmas with their two children. It’s really a dream come true for Kim and Kanye.”

This would be a great picture to share with fans, but Kim and Kanye may not ever share it. Hopefully it won’t take too long for them to decide it is time to share Saint West with the world. Fans can’t wait to see him.

Are you surprised to hear that Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West might not take a big payday for the pictures of Saint West? Do you think they are making a mistake? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians Sunday nights on E!.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]