Northlake Mall Shooting: Rapper ‘Donkey Cartel’ Reportedly Dead As Graphic Snapchat Photo, Twitter Videos Of Dead Suspect Appear

On Twitter, Northlake Mall in North Carolina is trending, because of a tragic shooting that occurred at Northlake Mall on Christmas Eve, Thursday, December 24. Reports that rapper Donkey Cartel, as he is known on Twitter, was the person killed by an off-duty police officer have been reported by Breaking 911. The photos of Donkey Cartel are graphic, with one showing Donkey wearing the same clothing (a white t-shirt and sagging blue jeans and stripped belt) that Cartel wore in a side-by-side photo when Donkey was alive.

Update: CBS has video from WBTV of the Northlake Mall shooting.

Warning: The following photo, purportedly of Donkey shot dead at Northlake Mall, is graphic and might be upsetting to some viewers.

The story is still developing, but the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has issued a statement saying that the CMPD is still investigating the Northlake Mall shooting incident, but has not yet named Donkey Cartel as the shooter or the dead man.

“Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department Homicide/ADW Unit detectives are investigating an officer involved shooting that occurred inside the Northlake Mall, located in the 6800 block of Northlake Mall Drive. Preliminary information on scene indicates that an argument started inside the mall between two groups of subjects around 2 p.m., at which point officers who were working off-duty at the mall arrived on scene. There was one armed subject that was shot during the altercation and he was pronounced deceased on scene by Medic. No officers were injured during this shooting. This was NOT an active shooter situation.

“The public is asked to go to the AMC parking lot to be reunited with lost family members.

“The investigation is active and ongoing and additional information will be released by CMPD Public Affairs.”

As of this writing, the CMPD News Twitter account, @CMPD, which is the official Twitter feed for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, has not posted information about a press conference. The Northlake Mall shooting scene is still being called an active scene — at least according to some Twitter users — because police were still roaming around Northlake Mall.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, some of the last posts put up by Donkey mentioned it being Christmas Eve.

On Instagram, the last photo posted by Cartel was an ominous photo of a man pointing a gun at the camera. The comments section on that IG post show “rest in peace” wishes and commentators arguing with each other in the comments.

The description of the “donkey_cartel” Instagram page promotes “LIL DONKEY B****” and his mixtapes.


Others are tweeting about the backlash being felt over the comments about Donkey Cartel being made on social media.


Throughout the comments, folks on social media are arguing about whether or not Donkey Cartel was the shooter at Northlake Mall. Although no confirmed reports have yet emerged that Donkey is the dead man pictured in the graphic photo circulating about the web, the photos of the dead man appear eerily similar to the photos of Cartel shown on his Twitter and Instagram pages, down to the rail thin frame, white t-shirt, dark jeans and the belt.

The police responded to the Northlake Mall shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Thursday, December 24. Afterward, reports emerged of the off-duty police officer shooting and killing a suspect. On Twitter, the video page results that are tagged #NorthlakeMall show reactions to the Northlake Mall shooting, with WBTV reporting they will show the video of the Northlake Mall shooting at 5 p.m. ET.


The Northlake Mall shooting videos are already being published on YouTube, although as of this writing, they aren’t the active shooter videos from Northlake Mall.

[AP Photo/Steve Reed]