‘The House Sitter’: Lifetime TV’s Twisted New Movie Makes You Wary Of Holiday House Guests, Stars Shelby Young, Ashley Dulaney, And Kate Ashfield

The House Sitter is a creepy new thriller that is set to air on Lifetime this Sunday. Inquisitr recently reported on another Lifetime movie that will premiere this Saturday entitled Stalked By My Doctor. The House Sitter, formerly titled Welcome Home, tells the story of a family who hires a dangerous house sitter who’ll stop at nothing to become part of their family. It is a MarVista Entertainment/Moody Independent production. The cast of this 2015 Lifetime movie thriller includes Kate Ashfield as Sara Lawrence, Shelby Young as Amy Lawrence, Ashley Dulaney as Rebecca, and Sean O’Bryan as Kyle Lawrence.

Directed by Jim Issa and written by Marcy Holland, The House Sitter focuses on the Lawrences, a nice family who has recently had to deal with the death of one of their daughters. Believing that a much-needed vacation is just what they need, the Lawrences decide to hire Rebecca, a professional house sitter who seems perfect for the job. God knows that Sara Lawrence needs the extra help after dealing with the loss of one of her precious daughters in an accident. With Rebecca there cleaning the home, taking care of the laundry, and helping out with cooking, the Lawrences pile into the car and whisk themselves away. What they don’t know is that this pretty house sitter has a dangerous and deadly past.

While the family is away, Rebecca becomes acquainted with the home by rummaging through all of their precious belongings, such as their jewelry, their clothes, and the family photos. As each moment passes, Rebecca is becoming completely attached to the Lawrences, and is dead set on becoming part of the family. Meanwhile, the Lawrences realize that the trip is not helping them with the grieving process at all, so they decide to cut the trip short and return home. Upon their return, they find a disappointed Rebecca, who tells them that she has no where to go until her next job begins. To accommodate her, Sara Lawrence invites her to stay, not knowing that little by little Rebecca will invade their lives and try to destroy their surviving teenage daughter, Amy, so that she can take her place.

Lifetime’s The House Sitter dramatizes what can happen when you let the wrong person inside your home, and that looks can be deceiving. The House Sitter, aka Welcome Home, should not be confused with the other Welcome Home movie that was released this year, starring Luke Perry. In that movie, which premiered on UpTv, the focus was on bringing awareness to the homeless.

The plot of Lifetime’s The House Sitter sounds like a story that is completely far-fetched, something that — in reality — could never happen. In researching murders involving house sitters, the finding is in most true-story cases, the person doing the house sitting is the one who usually ends up dead. However, there is one case that comes to mind about a 55-year-old woman who went missing in 2007. According to the Daily Mail, 47-year-old Adrian Prout killed his wife, Kate Prout, because she was going to divorce him. Court records also indicate that Adrian Prout had a brief love affair with the house sitter, Diane Bellamy, and that Kate had confronted Diane about the affair after a holiday trip to Italy. Kate Prout’s body has never been found. Rich businessman Adrian Prout was found guilty of his wife’s murder in 2010.

A professional house sitter makes anywhere from $25 a day to $35, depending on the duties that are to be performed, such as checking the mail, taking care of animals, or running errands. In some cities, the pay for house sitting can be as little as $20 per day. Be sure to catch The House Sitter on Sunday, December 27, at 9/8 central on Lifetime Television.

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