Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton Steamy Romance Ruins Xmas For Miranda Lambert: Their Hot Hook-Up & Her Rage

Joanne Eglash

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton didn't really have to worry about what to give each other for Christmas this year. After consoling each other following her split from Gavin Rossdale and his divorce from Miranda Lambert, Stefani and her country crooner have made it clear that they've given one another the gift of love to wrap up 2015. And although Miranda isn't happy about the hot hook-up that Gwen and Blake have been enjoying, Stefani and Shelton are cheerfully spreading signs of their affectionate affair from Hollywood to his hometown.

Most recently, Blake decided to head home for the holidays to his hometown with Gwen in tow. Relaxed in his familiar environment of Tishomingo, Oklahoma, Shelton sported a matching outfit with Stefani as they sought to dine privately at a local restaurant, reported E! News.

"They sat next to each other at the table and were very affectionate. They kept caressing each other," a source told E! Online.

The insider also praised how unaffected and humble the celebrities acted while noting that Blake was promptly known and couldn't hide his fame.

"He is well known in the town and everyone recognized him immediately," added the source.

As for Christmas Day, no news has leaked yet on whether Blake and Gwen are together or if she's focusing on her children during their first holiday after the divorce. And a source told E! News that Shelton understands and empathizes with Stefani and her children in seeking to get through the transition after the split from Gavin.

"Blake is extremely supportive of Gwen and her kids' transition. Blake is really great with kids and loves being around children. He has a lot of patience."

"Blake is a regular. We always see him when he's in town," said the source, who added that Shelton chose an Oreo Blizzard.

As for Miranda Lambert, life isn't so sweet since the split. As the Inquisitr reported, Miranda was stunned and upset when she saw that clip of the canoodling couple, featuring her ex-husband Shelton repeatedly kissing Stefani.

Lambert reportedly thought it was in extremely bad taste to provide the stratosphere with a glimpse into their sex life. And even though Miranda has sought to put the past behind her, heal from the split with Shelton, and move on, the powerful PDA parade between Blake and Stefani on The Voice, combined with their video that went viral, has challenged her ability to ignore the affair between Shelton and Gwen.

Moreover, Miranda allegedly is angry that Shelton is stealing her friends amid what she regards as his in-your-face romance with Stefani, a source told Hollywood Life.

"Miranda is upset that Blake is now showing off Gwen to all their old friends in Tennessee. He's the one in the new relationship, yet he's also the one keeping their old friends," said that insider.

In particular, Lambert avoided the engagement party for Raelynn because she didn't want to have a close encounter of the Shelton and Stefani kind.

Although the engaged country star even toured with Miranda, Lambert refused to attend the party because of her desire to stay away from Blake and Gwen, claims Hollywood Life's source.

"Miranda is close to Raelynn Woodward, but there is no way in hell she was going to the same engagement party as Blake and Gwen," added the insider.

However, it's not all bad news for Lambert at Christmas, who recently revealed that she got guns from a fan, revealed Breitbart.

In particular, she has one fan who has sent Miranda guns on an annual basis, which Lambert regards as awesome.

"It sounds weird, but he sends me pistols for Christmas, which is awesome. What other person can say my fans send me pistols for Christmas? It's pretty bada**."

"I don't have a stance on anything except what I was taught from day one: gun safety," added Lambert. "But I live by myself now, so yeah, I have a pistol, are you crazy?"

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