Baggy Pants Law: Woman Threatens To Show Up Nude To Town Meeting If Law Not Passed

A Louisiana woman has threatened her local town council saying that she will be showing up nude to the next town meeting if a law isn’t passed making it illegal to wear baggy pants in public, according to MSN.

Monroe, LA resident Earlene Bryant has informed her town council that enough is enough when it comes to the youth in the town showing their buttocks when walking down the street, insisting that they must pass the law banning the baggy pants.

“At the next council meeting, I’m coming up here nude, and I’m going to see if I’ll get arrested, and I’m serious I’ll do it,” Bryant said

“If you want baggy pants, it’s fine with me. But I give you a promise: I’ll be nude at the next meeting, and I’m going to see if I get locked up because that’s how I want to dress on that particular night.”

The News Star reports that the council has been reluctant to pass the law as they claim they would be overstepping their authority and as it violates the citizens rights.

“I do think it’s very important to make sure that our young people are taught the proper way to display their clothing and how they should be in public, but this ordinance will have an adverse effect in one area of the community and in that particular area, we have a tremendous amount foot traffic, and I think that it would be enforced more so in that particular area more than others,” said Mayor Jamie Mayo.

“If it’s added and if it’s approved, I’m going to exercise my veto on this because I don’t think it would be fair to all of our citizens. “

The council admits that there is no law in their books that makes indecent exposure illegal should Bryant choose to follow through on her promise, however they do have an obscenity ordinance that will land her in jail.

Do you think that a baggy pants law should be passed in this Louisiana city?