WWE News: Update On What People Within WWE Thought Of Roman Reigns Winning The WWE World Title

When WWE Superstar Roman Reigns was being groomed and pushed to the moon early on, fans weren’t exactly happy about it. He was not doing well on top of this, which only made things worse for him when trying to get over with the WWE fans. The fans wanted more from Reigns, especially if he was to be the top guy one day. While John Cena may get a lot of hate, fans at least have a respect for him and know that his star-power if nothing else is good for WWE. His wrestling has also improved drastically over the years, and his mic work has always been good.

Reigns lacks in many areas, but the moment WWE allows him to go into super-cool mode, the fans who aren’t even big fans of Reigns have a respect for the action he brings in. The cool thing Reigns has is the respect of his peers.

According to the Wrestling Observer, it seems that Reigns has a lot of support backstage. Many were genuinely happy to see him win the WWE World Heavyweight Title on WWE RAW a little while back. Many within the company like Reigns and feel he deserved a chance to hold the title. There is often a lot of jealousy in WWE when it comes to people being in top positions or getting the top title in the business. That does not seem to be an issue for Reigns, thankfully for him.

HHH Reigns [Image via WWE]Roman Reigns is said to be a nice guy and very good to people backstage. This goes a long way for him with people in the back, which is probably why people have defended him to often in public when interviewers have asked about fan backlash regarding him. If people are happy for him, it helps him a lot, as they will continue to help him get over each week as a top guy and few will try to get in the way of that.

Many believe it is fine to have a healthy bit of jealousy in WWE though. Everyone should aspire to be the top guy, but only one person can have that role at the end of the day. However, if all aspire to be great then it only makes the product better by proxy. The moment people are happy being mediocre or in a low position, there will be an issue with content. Sometimes people who aren’t the best at what they do will be put in positions that others could do if they simply had better drive to do so.

Fans are liking certain people most of the time and are so set on those people that when someone else gets the spot someone else deserves in their eyes, they get upset and hate the guy who takes it. Reigns has fallen into this a lot. However, fans also have not cared for Roman Reigns due to how WWE has presented him most of the time. People love when WWE allows him to kick tail and talk less, but the moment they put him into a promo position, he falters in their eyes.

Reigns Lesnar WM31 [Image via WWE]Roman Reigns is like that one hot girl in high school we all remember. She has very little to say worth note, so you don’t care to hear her talk. You’ll watch her walk, watch her run, or watch her just be. The moment she opens her mouth to speak, she ruins everything you felt about her because her hotness was more than enough for your high school hormones. WWE tries too hard to make Reigns into something he’s not that they won’t let him just be what his character is.

Fans then start to reject him based on what they see him do that he’s not gifted at. Brock Lesnar is loved primarily because he is a man of few words. Paul Heyman handles any and all talking Lesnar needs done for him. He might be the most over man in the business at this point. So why not make Reigns the next Lesnar instead of the next John Cena?

While we may not see him do things we want, we at least know he has the support of his peers in WWE. Many guys do not have this, so the fact that Roman Reigns is liked by people backstage and they are happy for his success is a good indication he’ll be on top for a while, whether he has a championship or not.

[Image via WWE]