Santa Trackers: Keep An Eye On Santa Claus On Christmas 2015 With NORAD, Google, Microsoft, And More

Every year on Christmas Eve, Santa Claus hops in his sleigh and gets ready to head out to all of the houses across the globe. Children know that they need to be in bed early so he can visit their house at the right time, but when is the right time? Well, that’s why the Internet is so glorious and Santa Trackers from NORAD, Google, Microsoft, and others will make it so easy to keep an eye on the big guy in the red suit on Christmas 2015.

For 60 years, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) has kept track of Santa Claus, and they’re doing it again this year. “NORAD Tracks Santa” is taking place on Thursday and watching the big man as he heads all around the world.

Don’t think it’s just on the Internet either.

santa trackers christmas 2015
Image by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images

Here are the options for using NORAD’s Santa Tracker this year:

  • NORAD’s official website
  • Email noradtrackssanta@outlook.comm
  • Call 1-877-HI-NORAD (446-6723)
  • There are also mobile apps for Android, Windows Phones, and iOs.

As reported by Microsoft, they’ve actually partnered up with NORAD this year to keep even more eyes on Santa Claus.

Because of the popularity of the NORAD Santa Tracker, others have joined in on the fun to let everyone else know where Santa is. Google has a Santa Tracker too, and it’s one that follows a bobbing little Santa icon around the world.

As of early on Thursday afternoon, Santa Claus was on his way to Tehran, arriving there around 1:21 p.m. ET. At that point, he had also delivered over 3.4 billion presents.

The really fun part about Google’s Santa Tracker is that you can also see exactly how far the big guy is away from your home. In the top right corner, it always keeps track of how far away and how close he is getting to you.

If you hop on Twitter, you can also keep track of Santa Claus by looking at his “official” account.

As you can see, he got a very early start on Christmas Eve because it was already Christmas Day for others around the world.

The search for Santa can be done in a number of ways as well, and Bing is offering up some help, too. If you head to the popular search engine and simply ask “Where’s Santa” in the search bar, you’ll get exactly where he is in the world and what time he arrived there.

The “Follow Santa” link that accompanies it will take you to the NORAD Santa Tracker.

Oh, don’t forget to ask Cortana or Siri where Santa Claus is as well. Those lovely voices will come to life and let you know exactly where he is. Whether Santa is over the Easter Island or flying around New York, you can always be with him.

Some wonder why Santa Trackers show different locations, and well, that may end up confusing some children. It’s easy to explain though in that updates can come from WiFi or hot spots or even cell phone towers.

One has to remember that Santa Claus works with the power and speed of Christmas magic, so he may always be ahead or moving along at record pace.

Santa Trackers are a great way to bring the family together every holiday season, and Christmas 2015 should be no different. Enjoy some time watching for the big guy in the red suit as Santa Claus travels around world, and he’s heading your way soon.

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