‘WWE 2K16’ Roster Adds ‘The Terminator,’ But There Is A Catch If You Want Arnold Schwarzenegger

The WWE 2K16 roster is among the best in what was the most anticipated title in the franchise in years. Some faces will be notably missing due to certain headlines, but we could see a very familiar one going up against Batista, Roman Reigns, and Sheamus. The Terminator is taking on all challengers next year.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been everywhere in his lengthy career. At the earliest, he was a bodybuilder from Austria who achieved the title of Mister Universe for his impressive physique. His first theatrical appearance reflected that physique as he starred in Hercules in New York.

Later on, Arnold would be known as the sole survivor in a science fiction film with an alien called a predator. His star power skyrocketed from there alongside that of co-star Jesse “The Body” Ventura. Schwarzenegger eventually became the first successful cyborg villain when he starred in The Terminator, which netted him A-list status and led to him working with James Cameron for the sequel and once more in the lead role for True Lies.

Unlike most in the WWE 2K16 roster, Arnold also saw a lengthy role as the Governor of California, mirroring that of his Predator co-star Jesse Ventura. This is obviously not the last time their careers would show a parallel, though.

Jesse Ventura was a WWE superstar before the World Wildlife Fund forced the wrestling corporation to rename itself from WWF. His tough guy persona landed him a handful of roles alongside Arnold, but they never shared the spotlight. Jesse won’t be in the game, and his involvement in the wrestling corporation predated that of Arnold Schwarzenegger – at least, his likeness – by decades.

Of course, Arnold isn’t actually wrestling, since he’s nearly in his 70s, but that hasn’t stopped him from making it into the WWE 2K16 roster. He’s making his debut appearance as the Terminator for those who pre-ordered the game.

For the uninitiated, the reason the Terminator is relevant to WWE is the fact that Triple H uses the film as part of his on-stage persona. Now it appears that Orion Pictures’ Hollywood classic has inspired a new face in the wrestling world.

This could also be a campaign of sorts to help the world forget the long-running WWF/WWE persona Hulk Hogan. He has been a name in the corporation about as long as Jesse Ventura, but due to certain social media activity, Hogan has been kicked out.

Other faces missing from the WWE 2K16 roster for similar and not so similar reasons are Jimmy Snuka and Zahra Schreiber.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Zahra Schreiber had posted Nazi imagery on her Instagram account. A picture of her room revealed a swastika on her wall, and she also had a photoshopped My Little Pony character dressed to resemble Hitler. Despite being Seth Rollins’ girlfriend, her online behavior earned her a quick exit from the WWE Divas.

A few decades prior, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka had been arrested for domestic violence against his wife. When she ended up dead shortly after, Snuka was named as the alleged killer and dropped from the corporation, including the WWE 2K16 roster.

As the WWE continues to allegedly make us forget its fallen warriors, 2K Sports is hoping that adding The Terminator’s Arnold Schwarzenegger to the game will be a welcome replacement. The pre-order bonus will include two models of the character, according to Polygon. One will be from the original and one from James Cameron’s renowned sequel.

Will the addition of the Terminator be worth buying WWE 2K16?

[Image via Orion Pictures]

[Edit 12/26] The game in question is actually WWE 2K17.