‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Patrick, Robin, And Emma Reconnect, Christmas Gets Emotional Throughout Port Charles

What can viewers expect from Thursday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers share that there is plenty of drama ahead, and this will be a very emotional episode that fans will not want to miss. Robin and Patrick have been reunited, but Jason and Elizabeth have split, and this December 24 episode is jam-packed with action.

Patrick now knows why Robin left Port Charles and their daughter Emma, and these two are clearly on the road to reuniting. Unfortunately, fans will not get to see all that much of the two together, as Jason Thompson is leaving the show and these upcoming scenes will be some of his last.

According to She Knows Soaps, Robin and Emma will be having an emotional talk during Thursday’s show. General Hospital spoilers detail that Robin will be making a vow to Emma. Will she be promising to never leave Emma again?

Although viewers will have to tune in to see how it plays out, the word is that poor Emma will soon be without both her mother and father because Robin and Patrick won’t be sticking around Port Charles, and it is said that Emma will be living with Anna.


Port Charles residents will be celebrating Christmas and this will lead to both awkward and loving moments. Elizabeth is still sorting through the aftermath of her split from Jason and she will soon have to tell the boys. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Liz and her boys will be together to talk through the story of Christmas, and this storytelling has been a yearly tradition on GH for many years.

There are surprises playing out throughout town, as General Hospital spoilers tease that Danny, Sam, Maxie, and Sonny all have some shockers on the way. Sonny will be sharing something important with Jason while Rocco has a visit with Santa. Ava is trying to smooth things over with Kiki, and it seems she may have a reason to hope a bit in Thursday’s show.


Sonny is said to spend some quality time with Kristina, Dante, Michael, and Morgan for the Christmas holiday, and they will be sharing some happy moments. General Hospital spoilers also share that Jason will have another flashback, and this could be a big one. The flashback is romance-related, but is it about Sam or Elizabeth?

As viewers have seen this week, at this point Jason is adamant that he is done with Elizabeth after learning about her lies. In addition, he has cracked the door open with Sam just a bit. However, there is buzz swirling that it may not take long for Jason to decide to give Liz another chance.


Thursday’s episode also brings something involving Kiki and Sonny, as General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be doing something that helps him out. Could this be related to Avery and the Christmas holiday? The show will be pre-empted on Friday for the holiday, but there is said to be plenty of drama ahead during the week of December 28 again.

Will Jason and Elizabeth soon reunite, leaving Sam all alone? What happens that leads to Robin and Patrick leaving Emma alone with Anna? Fans will not want to miss all of the drama coming up in the next few episodes of General Hospital.

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