‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: The Horton Family Gathers For Christmas, Abigail Confronts Andre And Stefano

There is an emotional episode ahead on Thursday for fans of Days of Our Lives. Spoilers detail that this December 24 show will revolve around the traditional Horton Christmas gathering as the ornaments are placed on the tree. What can everybody expect?

As Soap Opera Spy notes, this Christmas will be a rather somber one for the Horton family, given the devastating and recent losses of both Will and Bo. Days of Our Lives previews for Thursday’s episode show the full extended family gathered, and the named ornaments being added to the tree one-by-one.

There will be ornaments for Will and Sonny, one for Bo, and, of course, ornaments for those lost previously like Alice, Tom, Mickey, and Jack. There are a couple of new ornaments this year, as both Chase and baby Thomas Jack are in the mix now. While there will be emotional moments as the family reminisces over those they have lost, there will be warm moments as everybody reconnects, as well.

It has been noted that this will be the last year that those original Horton family ornaments will be used. These originals will be going to the Smithsonian, but replicas will be created for the years going forward.

Also ahead on Thursday’s show, John and Marlena will be talking about potential trouble ahead. John knows that Eduardo was sent to Salem to kill him, but Eddie has refused to follow through on the plan. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t still a threat hovering. In addition, Kate and Eddie will be having a romantic evening together.

Viewers will also get a bit of action related to Belle, Chad and Abigail in this episode. As We Love Soaps details, Abby will see Chad and Belle having dinner together. This surely won’t go over well. While Abigail has been confused and heartbroken over this split, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that she will be taking action.

Friday brings another new episode of DOOL, and Abby is said to head to the DiMera mansion to confront Andre and Stefano. She feels sure that they had something to do with Chad’s sudden change of heart, and while they likely will deny it, it is said that Abigail will continue to push for answers.

This episode also brings more with Steve and Kayla. Despite Ava’s assertion that she is gravely ill, Steve is suspicious. As his wariness of Ava increases, he is moving ahead with his reunion with Kayla. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that he will have a special gift for Kayla and this is very likely related to remarrying her very soon.


Caroline will have another vision related to Victor, and this one is said to show trouble ahead related to Philip and the company. Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of December 28 share that baby Thomas’ health will be at risk and some wonder if this will bring out the truth that Chad is the baby’s father rather than Ben.

The coming week also will bring an accident on New Year’s Eve that will impact many throughout Salem. There has been buzz swirling around that Eric may cause an accident that leads to Daniel’s death, though it is not known quite yet whether that is where the show is headed.


It is known that both Greg Vaughan and Shawn Christian are leaving the show in the new year. Given Eric’s drinking issues of late, many have suspected that a drunk-driving accident could pave the way for both exits. If that is the case, it will certainly kick the New Year off with some intense drama.

Tune in to Thursday’s episode for some emotional moments and stay tuned for more Days of Our Lives spoilers as a new year of drama comes together.

[Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images]