Derrick Williams Video: 2 Women Who Allegedly Stole $750,000 From NBA Player Caught On Tape [Video]

Derrick Williams previously made the news because the NBA player contacted police, telling them that approximately $750,000 worth of his jewelry was stolen from Derrick when two women he met at a New York establishment named Up & Down came back to his Broadway apartment and cleaned out his Louis Vuitton case. New reports say that the $6,000 Louis Vuitton case was stolen as well from Williams.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Derrick’s Instagram post has featured Williams with jewelry, such as an expensive watch, and a Louis Vuitton case that may have been the same one the women allegedly cleaned out.

[Image via Instagram/dwxxiii]

Those two women might not be able to escape for long, because the New York Post reports that the two alleged thieves in the Derrick theft case were caught on video. As seen in the below video, the two women who partied with Derrick, according to the New York Post, were caught on video not leaving 24-year-old Derrick’s Tribeca apartment but leaving a club prior to going with a group, including Williams, back to Derrick’s place.

The video gets a pretty clear shot of the women and their faces. They each have small purses and almost look directly into the camera in the footage of the video released on Wednesday. The timestamp of the video reads Saturday, December 19 at 4:37 a.m.

derrick williams video security
[Image via NYP]

Several still images from the video, which zooms in to reveal the faces of one of the women especially close, shows their faces. Wearing high heels and short dresses, the women have long straight hair. Cops have called the two women suspects in the Williams theft, and apparently the women didn’t anticipate getting caught on security footage as they prepared for a long night of partying with the basketball player and his crew.

Derrick was celebrating defeating the Philadelphia 76ers when Williams met the women. Derrick took the females into his bedroom and didn’t discover his missing Louis Vuitton jewelry case — which was valued at $6,000 alone — until approximately 4 p.m. when he woke up. The $750,000 worth of missing goodies included his “Jesus piece” as seen on Instagram. In that IG post, Derrick gave praise to God.

dwxxiii all praise to the most high.”

$6,800 Panerai ­Radiomir black seal watch on Instagram.


dwxxiii My new watch came in. I appreciate @thehighlander65 so much for the great alley-oop pass.@Panerai will always be one of my favorites simply for the classic look they keep on all of their watches. Thank you @thehighlander65 for showing love, business with you is never business. 🙏🏽”

Also missing in the robbery was Derrick’s Audemars Piguet timepiece. Meanwhile, Knicks coach Derek Fisher spoke of Derrick thinking about the game of basketball more than the robbery.

“Derrick hasn’t really chosen to talk about it to allow it to be any distraction. We don’t have a curfew like in the NFL or other sports do on certain nights. It’s an unfortunate incident. Derrick hasn’t really spoken about it. It’s very unfortunate.”

Authorities are trying to determine if the two women who allegedly robbed Derrick are part of a larger ring of women — about 100 — who target rich guys who flash their wealth around in Manhattan. It is not known if the two women drugged Williams or not during the theft, and if that’s the reason Derrick slept through the robbery. As reported by the New York Post, two women also stole a $590,000 Swiss timepiece in the past from a man they met at a strip club. It isn’t known if the two women featured in the video are the same two women from that previous theft case.

[Photo by Jason DeCrow/AP Images]