Scientific Hangover Cure Uses Fatty Foods, Bananas, And Fruit Juice [Video]

How do you cure a hangover? It’s a question that has a million (usually wrong) answers. Do you bite the hair of the dog (AKA drink more alcohol)? Do you have a greasy breakfast? Do you drink coffee and take aspirin? Well, thanks to Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Medlock, there’s no more guessing. Because now there’s a scientific hangover cure.

Moffit and Medlock created a video that showcases their scientific hangover cure. The duo write on Youtube:

“Don’t want a hangover, but love the weekend a bit too much? You’ve heard all the myths and tried all the pills – but what legitimate ways can you prevent and cure your hangover? Follow these scientifically analysed steps and you’ll wake up on your way to being a normal, function human again!”

According to the video, here are the things that you should do to prevent / cure a hangover.

1.) Before you start drinking, eat a lot of fatty foods and carbohydrates.
2.) Drink lots of water. Before, during, and after you consume alcohol.
3.) Choose light color liquors.
4.) If you’re drinking beer, drink it before liquor.
5.) Use aspirin not Tylenol.
6.) Have a breakfast of eggs, bananas, and fruit juice in the morning.

What do you think of the scientific hangover cure? If there’s one good tip in the video it comes at the very end: know your limits.

Here’s the scientific hangover cure.

Is the this the best way to cure a hangover?

Here my unsolicited, non-scientific, probably incorrect hangover cure that a friend of mine swears by. Before you go to bed, drink two 16 oz. red Gatorade. They have to be red, and they have to 16 oz. And no, one 32 0z yellow Gatorade is not a substitute.