Snow Returns To ‘GTA V’ As Players Receive Online Holiday Gifts Across All Platforms

After a year has passed since winter weather was last seen in Los Santos, Rockstar Games has finally blanketed Grand Theft Auto V in snow once more. The developer announced late on Wednesday night that seasonal weather can now be seen across GTA Online. Unlike most new content for the game, this week’s snowfall event is also live on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in addition to all current-gen platforms.

Rockstar Games kicked off its special holiday events in GTA V earlier this week. The developer had mentioned that snow would be in the forecast for Grand Theft Auto Online, but as The Inquisitr pointed out, they didn’t reveal the exact time when the seasonal weather activities would begin.

GTA V new snow car
Holiday snow now covers GTA Online (Image via Rockstar Games]

As the week went on, many believed that snowfall wouldn’t return to GTA V until Christmas Day as part of a special holiday gift to fans. However, Rockstar Games caught many gamers off guard late Wednesday with the sudden surprise return of snow to the title’s online multiplayer mode, which has cause many impromptu snowball fights.

“Today marks the return of the rare phenomenon of Los Santos snowfall to GTA Online across all five platforms, so bundle up warm in your new Santa Costume and head outside to enjoy a snowball fight (press left on the d-pad to collect up to 9 snowballs).”

In addition to snow coming to Los Santos, Rockstar Games also gifted all GTA Online players with a special Fireworks Launcher, which should allow fans to create their own seasonal celebrations. The developer also told gamers that they plan to hand out even more gifts to everyone who jumps on GTA Online this Friday.

“All players will also receive an early gift from Santa: a Fireworks Launcher with 5 rockets to help celebrate the Holiday Season with a bang. And be sure to look out for more gifts under the tree when you log in to GTA Online on Christmas Day.”

Rockstar Games didn’t stop after turning on snow in GTA Online and giving players holiday gifts either. The team also added a new competitive Adversary Mode to the game just in time for Christmas. In the newly introduced “Beast vs. Slasher” mode, one team of players will possess super powers to help them face off against their heavily armed opponents. The Slasher team will be equipped with RPGs and other explosives while members of the Beast team will enjoy superior strength and speed. Unlike the addition of snow, the latest Adversary Mode is only available on current-gen version of the game.

“As the incredibly rare phenomenon of snowfall blankets Los Santos, the roar of the Beast ensures that there will be no silent night this year. Beast vs. Slasher, an intense new Adversary Mode for GTA Online, is out today on PS4, Xbox One and PC.”

GTA Online Beast Mode
Beast players in GTA Online's new Adversary Mode can perform superhuman jumps [Image via Rockstar Games]

Rockstar Games hasn’t announced exactly how long snow is expected to remain in Grand Theft Auto V. All that is known at this time is that the winter weather will only be available for a temporary time and likely won’t be seen again until next year once it goes away.

Besides the obvious visual change to the world, snowfall events in GTA Online actually change the physics of road surfaces, so players should expect to experience slick conditions inside the game for as long as the snow persists. Rockstar Games has also released a new car for GTA V users to enjoy. The Declasse Tampa muscle car is now available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Do you wish that snow would come to GTA V more often now that the seasonal weather has briefly reappeared?

[Image via Rockstar Games]