Chromebooks By Google Now Available At Best Buy

Chromebooks are coming to a Best Buy near you soon, according to an announcement on Thursday at Google’s “Google I/O” developers event in San Francisco.

The Google Chrome OS-powered netbooks are already going to be available for pre-order on both Best Buy and Amazon’s websites, but now people will be able to go to a physical location and test out the computers before they buy, according to PC Magazine.

Computer World reports that Dan Olds, an analyst at Gabriel Consulting Group, stated:

“Selling the Chromebooks in Best Buy is meaningful because it allows potential users to get their hands on them before buying. That important. Chromebooks could certainly use a boost. Sales have been disappointing, to say the least.”

According to Venture Beat, Google has also made their Google Drive available for iOS and Chrome OS devices, so that their cloud-syncing service is available for all devices 9it is already available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Android).

During the developer’s event, the company demoed the Google Drive on Apple’s iPad 2, showing that desktop syncing with their productivity apps is only one layer of Drive. The cloud sync also searches PDF files with a keyword using optical character recognition.

Computer World notes that Olds also stated of Google’s announcement to sell Chromebooks in retail stores that:

“Google needed to do something more to support and push the platform. Simply putting the OS and a system specification out there didn’t get it done. Now that they are getting it on shelves, they’ll have a better chance to catch on with consumers.”

Would you be interested in checking out Google’s chromebook?