Caroline Manzo Speaks Out, Still Hasn’t Talked To Teresa Giudice

Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice have been through their rough times. You would think that Teresa going to prison would fix things for them and they would let everything go, but it turns out that is not the case. US Magazine shared that Teresa actually still hasn’t talked to Caroline at all since before she went to prison. Teresa spent 11 months in jail and Caroline didn’t talk to her at all even before she went in. Teresa was only allowed so much phone time, but several people have mentioned speaking to her via e-mail during her time behind bars.

Caroline shared that they are both actually happy with the way they left it, and it sounds like Teresa and Caroline don’t have any plans to talk to each other in the future either. A while back, Caroline shared her thoughts on Teresa’s prison sentence.

“I’m blown away. I’m blown away by the whole thing. It’s so much bigger than Housewives, it’s so much bigger than Bravo… It’s just life-changing for these two people and their children.”

Since Caroline Manzo left the show, she has moved on and doesn’t even talk to the women on the show really. Caroline still sees Jacqueline Laurita all the time and says that she does know Melissa Gorga as an acquaintance. Caroline went on to explain how she just isn’t like the women on the show anymore. It is obvious Caroline has moved on.

“I’m different from them. And I don’t have anything in common. Just in life in general, we’re at different stages. I’m much older than them. It’s a different way of life.”

It doesn’t sound like you should expect to see Caroline Manzo returning to The Real Housewives of New Jersey any time soon. It just isn’t her thing and Manzo had moved on. Right now she is focused on her family and living life.


OK Magazine shared back in November that Caroline Manzo didn’t have any plans to fix her relationship with Teresa Guidice, and it is pretty obvious that she hasn’t changed her mind since then. Caroline even shared that she had no plans to go and see Teresa once she is home because they just don’t have anything to talk about anymore. Caroline revealed her thoughts on WWHL.

“We are different people and the last reunion proved to me that it is never going to work between us, so I have no ill feeling towards her I just don’t want to go back there and quite frankly I don’t think she cares to see me back there, so the answer would be no.”

Caroline Manzo’s daughter Lauren even shared her thoughts, saying that she feels like Teresa might have taken advantage of the viewers a bit.

I think she knew what she was doing to make everyone cry and things like that. It is sad and I cried a couple of times when I watched it.

Teresa Giudice was released from prison today after 11 months and is now home with her husband Joe and four daughters. It has been a long time for Teresa and is really happy to be home. Now she will get to spend a few months with Joe, and then he will be headed off to prison to serve his time. Teresa does have her book about life coming out soon.


Are you surprised to hear that Caroline Manzo and Teresa Giudice never worked things out? Do you think that Caroline should go and see Teresa and try to fix things with her? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for C. Wonder]