Charlie Sheen Finally Admits He Was ‘Not Responsible’ Before His HIV Diagnosis

In perhaps the biggest moment of “you think?” this year, Charlie Sheen admitted that he was not responsible with his behavior before he was diagnosed with HIV. He has now started giving a second round of interviews, which also includes the statements that he intends to cure HIV, and that he should have come forward sooner with the information of his HIV status.

According to the Inquisitr, Charlie Sheen has kept his diagnosis up until now so quiet that he had all of those even visiting his residence sign a non-disclosure agreement. This was especially true with all of those he slept with. Sheen had this agreement drawn up by his attorney so that he could have any of those he came in contact with sign this agreement. He also would confiscate the phones and purses of all of those who visited his house.


New York Daily News is reporting that Charlie Sheen is finally acknowledging that he was not a responsible adult.

“I should have been more responsible and more concerned for myself.”

But Sheen says he has changed, and is now a chief advocate against the disease, which he says chose him.

“This disease picked the wrong guy,” he said. “If anybody can fight this thing and discover a cure, it’s me. I will exhaust every resource available to me… Perhaps everything that led up to this was to gain the spotlight of popularity to finally deliver a message that truly matters.”

And Sheen says he is now more grateful than ever for the advantages he has been given.

“I’m grateful for everything I’ve been able to do in life,” said Sheen, who vowed to keep working in Hollywood. “I’ve made a lot of people laugh and see the world differently through me. Now, maybe it’s time to change the world.”


The Daily Mail says Charlie Sheen admitting he was irresponsible is a big step for a man who has been reluctant to grow up.

“I thought I was going to wake up from a bad dream, but that wasn’t the case. Then I gave it some time. I told my fathaer about a month later and he was shocked at first and sad, but ultimately, everyone’s come to a place of love and support and helping me stay and get healthier.”

Sheen denies that he has ever been suicidal, and he says he just isn’t that guy. Former girlfriend Bree Olson said she was never told that he was HIV-positive, even though he has said that he has been straight with all of his partners since his diagnosis.

“He’s a monster,” Olson said of Sheen a few weeks back.

But Sheen is standing firm, and now that he feels relief after telling the world of his HIV status, he wishes he had come forward sooner.

“It was such a tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders when I made the announcement,” he said. “I realized afterwards, I wish I had possibly done it sooner. As we’ll discuss, there were a lot of different elements in the mix that prevented me from doing that.”

Sheen says that coming forward has made him feel as if he has been freed from a prison.


Do you think Charlie Sheen’s admission that he was irresponsible indicates that he has changed for the better?

[Photo courtesy of AP/Chris Pizzello]