Teyana Taylor Instagram Photo: 6 Days After Bathroom Delivery, Taylor Has Flat Abs

The snap back is real. And no, Teyana Taylor isn’t talking about a snap back baseball cap, but the marvelous way Teyana’s abs snapped back into place only six days after giving birth. The viral Instagram photo has received 72,500 likes on Taylor’s Instagram in one day since Teyana posted it to the social media site.


Dear Baby Iman…. Thank you for this snap back in 6 days 😩😩😩😭😭😍😍😍 I love you my darling. Lol #AintNoGymBih #StillGotALongWayToGoButImGettimgThere 😂😂

Teyana gives credit to her baby for her incredible abs snapping back into shape. As seen in a previous photo of Iman Shumpert and Taylor when they attended the VII album listening party on October 27, 2014, in New York, Teyana’s frame looked pretty teeny to begin with prior to her having the baby. That party took place at the Up & Down club in New York City, the same club where Derrick Williams recently met two women who made away with $750,000 worth of jewelry, as reported by the Inquisitr.

The fact that Teyana is able to have a flat stomach so soon after giving birth, as reported by People, is causing lots of buzz about Taylor’s methods. However, Teyana’s hashtags proclaim that she’s not a gym rat, so one wonders how Taylor was able to get such flat abs so quickly after her dramatic delivery.

Coco Austin, Ice T’s wife, also made big buzz recently for Austin’s amazing abs and her post-baby body. The 36-year-old Coco filled Instagram with photos of Austin just after she’d been released from the hospital, with her abs also enjoying a nice snap back. Coco had proclaimed she’d had an easy birth, and hadn’t had a truly visibly big baby bump until well into her pregnancy. Austin credited her strong abs for her relatively flat tummy.

With Taylor’s dramatic labor making the news because of the public 911 call NBA star Shumpert made to deliver their baby, as reported by the Daily Mail, it was reported that Teyana was able to push her baby out after only two pushes. Iman and Teyana’s daughter arrived one month early, on December 16. Taylor and 25-year-old Shumpert expected their daughter to arrive one month later, on Teyana’s original January 16, 2016, due date.

Iman was being hailed as a hero for delivering his child in the bathroom and for using his headphones in order to tie off and steady the umbilical cord. The 911 call featured Shumpert experiencing the birth of his child firsthand as Iman received step-by-step instructions from the operator on what to do during the dramatic birth. Shumpert was called calm by some listeners who couldn’t believe how steady Shumpert sounded for a man who found himself forced to deliver a baby in a bathroom.

“Oh she’s having the baby, the head’s coming out.”

Others say Iman sounded pretty emotional during the ordeal. With their daughter dubbed Iman Tayla Shumpert, Jr, the baby truly has been tagged with the NBA star’s name. But it’s Teyana gaining all the buzz lately with her flat abs photo, in the same way that underwear model Sarah Stage gained attention for her small baby bump and flat abs before and after giving birth.


The Instagram photo that revealed Teyana’s abs proves that certain individuals are blessed with the types of bodies that make it easy to get back in shape after having a baby. Whether it’s a fast metabolism, the muscle memory of years of exercising and strength training, or great genetics — or a combination of all — social media photos like Taylor’s prove the possibility of flat abs post-pregnancy.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]