WWE News: Jeff Hardy Wants Hell In A Cell Match

In WWE news, Jeff Hardy revealed during the “Whooooo! Nation” podcast interview that he wants to do a Hell in a Cell match, something that he has never done before in his career.

While chatting with Ric Flair, Jeff Hardy talked about the things that he wanted to do before his career comes to an end. He is closer to the end than the beginning at this point in time.

Those that have followed his career closely over the years know that his career is jam packed with some amazing accomplishments and moments, more so than the average wrestler.

A close look at his impressive resume shows that he has been voted by PWI as the Most Popular Wrestler of the Year and Tag Team of the Year, along with his brother, Matt Hardy.

His legendary tag team matches against Edge, Christian, and the Dudley Boyz won two Match of the Year awards and are still frequently talked about fondly by pro wrestling fans today.

Back in December of 2008, Jeff Hardy achieved his childhood dream by capturing the WWE Heavyweight Championship, an honor that many never get to experience themselves.

The thing that is missing from his resume is a Hell in a Cell match, which is performed within a massive steel cage and enables performers a chance to do some of the craziest things.

Hell in a Cell
Hell in a Cell [Photo by WWE]

Mick Foley had one of the great moments of his career when the Undertaker threw him off of the top of the Hell in a Cell cage. Foley crashing into the tables can never be forgotten.

Hardy recently revealed that he was now open to a WWE return. Since he is still popular and can move merchandise, there is a good chance Vince McMahon would be interested.

A performer like Ryback, a hard worker who has his limitations, has worked a Hell in a Cell match. His popularity has never reached the same height as the level that Jeff reached.

It shouldn’t be inconceivable that WWE would give Jeff Hardy, one of their biggest draws of all time, a Hell in a Cell match. He’ll have plenty of options when it comes to opponents.

Since Hardy has been gone from WWE, Seth Rollins arrived and turned himself into a main event guy. The two of them could potentially have a great match inside of the Hell in a Cell.

Roman Reigns isn’t the most popular guy in the world, but he has turned himself into a top level star as well. A Hell in a Cell match with Jeff could draw some really big numbers.

Hell in a Cell
Hell in a Cell [Photo by WWE]

Dean Ambrose is one of the most popular performers in WWE. He and Jeff Hardy are both known for extremely dangerous spots, so they could do a lot of things in the Hell in a Cell.

Cesaro is not a top level star, but he is a top level talent. A Hell in a Cell match with Hardy could help him finally convince management that he is worthy of a main event push in WWE.

Dudley Boyz and Hardy Boys are both interested in working together once more. A regular match would draw big numbers, but a Hell in a Cell match would draw incredible numbers.

If WWE was serious about elevating the Usos, New Day or Wyatt Family, then a Hell in a Cell match with Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy would be a pretty interesting way of doing it.

If someone like Jeff Hardy wants a Hell in a Cell match before he decides to retire, then long time WWE fans deserve to see it happen.

[Featured Photo by Impact Wrestling]