King Louie Shot, Not Dead: Chicago Rapper ‘King L’ Shot In The Head At 83rd And Pulaski — Alive And Talking, Says Manager

The reports and updates about Chicago rapper King Louie are coming in quickly to Twitter, with the social media site reporting 17,200 tweets about King Louie coming into the site thus far.

According to the police shavcanner of the incident from All Hip Hop, the birth date of the shooting victim spoken about on the scanner is December 27, 1987 — which would make King Louie — real name Louis Johnson — 27 years old at the time of his shooting. Fox 32 Chicago, linked below, reports King L as a 28-year-old.

Ironically, the Instagram account named “__king_louie__” posted a photo on Wednesday, December 23, with three kids that the description says are his children, and the words that as long as he’s living, the three children are “straight,” or okay in slang parlance.

“As long as I’m living these 3 🐛’$ $traight #MyKids#👁AmMyBrothersKeeper”

“Grammy Nominated Writer (New Slaves) feat on ‘Send It Up’ (Yeezus)”

The same Instagram account proclaims the accolades of King Louie, and the work he has done that has brought him to prominence in the world of hip-hop, along with other famous Chicagoans like Chief Keef. The shooting of King L is being compared to the video that hit the net earlier this year titled “Footage of Chief Keef’s GBE GLOGANG Member ‘Capo’ Shot Dead! Video Of His Last Moments…” on YouTube. As reported by the Inquisitr, the disturbing footage showed Capo lying in his own blood. Reports of rappers blowing up and gaining jealous attention from others as the cause of them becoming shooting targets are being bandied about online by fans.

Prayers and a myriad of reactions from King Louie fans are being expressed on social media. On Facebook, reactions to King Louie’s shooting have some wondering why Johnson never moved away from Chicago. Others are offering sympathy and sadness for another tragic shooting in Chicago — which has the city earning its “Chiraq” reputation. Ironically, Louie is the selfsame rapper who coined the term Chiraq in the first place.


A Spike Lee movie named Chi-raq would eventually follow, gathering the ancient Greek plotline that featured women holding out on sex with their mates until the violence ended.


King Louie fans are relieved at reports that the rapper didn’t die from the shooting. According to SPIN, there isn’t much more known about King Louie’s condition beyond him being alive and talking.

As reported by Fox 32 Chicago, Johnson Jr — or King L or King Louie — had a bullet graze his head around 3:30 p.m. local Chicago time. That “grazing” likely helped save Louie’s life after he was shot in the Ashburn area, located at 83rd and Pulaski.


The fact that King Louie, as reported by the Chicago Sun-Times, was transported to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn after the shooting has prompted some of King L’s fans to reach out for autograph requests, knowing that he is alive.

“Who’s working at Christ hospital tonight? Feel free to grab me a King Louie autograph.”

On Facebook, some are blaming the whole “violence begets violence” theory for the shooting.

“I don’t wish anyone harm… But in my Malcolm X voice…. The chickens came home to roost. You can’t spit the violent lyrics, boast pistol play, have a dgaf [don’t give a f***] attitude, drive around in a Bentley, and not become a target in Chicago. I hate to say it but this was inevitable. The only way to avoid it was to leave… Which he didn’t. Sad because although I think his lyrics are reckless and you will never heard me play his music… He is talented.”

[Image via Instagram/__king_louie__ “King L”]