WWE News: JTG Reveals Meaning Of His Name

In WWE news, JTG has revealed what the three initials of his name meant to his coworkers and what it actually meant when he came up with it, according to a recent episode of the “Talk is Jericho” podcast.

For years, wrestling fans have long wondered what the JTG initials stand for. Some assumed that it might have been the initials of his real name, but he is named Jayson Anthony Paul.

The Brooklyn native has a new book out called, DAMN! Why Did I Write This Book?, so he decided to be a guest on “Talk is Jericho” in order to better promote that to wrestling fans.

While on the show, the conversation turned towards the various names that WWE had come up with Jayson Paul to use before they finally settled on the JTG and Cryme Tyme names.

JTG revealed that Paul Heyman came up with the name, “Neighborhoodie”. At the time, he accepted the name, but he revealed to Heyman on the show that he absolutely hated it.

Heyman is one of the friendlier people to work with backstage, but performers in WWE have to make sure that they are not stepping on any toes to avoid the dreaded backstage heat.

Back on Ohio Valley Wrestling, performers would usually cut promos so they can prove to WWE that they are ready to make the jump from developmental to the main roster.

Chris Jericho

According to JTG, he was at the top of the class when it comes to doing interviews and video vignettes. That’s quite the claim because a lot of talented performers went through OVW.

While boosting his own confidence, JTG told himself that he was “just too good”. After repeatedly saying the phrase, he then noticed the initials, and that’s how his name came to be.

To prevent backstage heat in WWE, newer performers know that they need to be humble when they are first pulled up to the main roster, or else veterans will turn on them quickly.

That was the problem that CM Punk faced when he first was called up to the main roster in WWE. Highly opinionated, Punk refused to go along with every idea that was given to him.

JTG managed to avoid backstage heat by telling those in WWE that his initials stood for “just too gangsta,” an explanation that works because it goes along perfectly with his character.

After years of feeling mistreated, JTG decided to be more vocal, hoping that it would make things better for himself and other performers who were being held down by WWE.

Back in 2012, several performers were upset with the bonus pay check that they received for Wrestlemania. The amount of money was a lot less than what they were expecting it to be.

Cryme Tyme
Cryme Tyme [Photo by WWE]

Many of the performers discussed it in private with one another in the locker room. When they tried to talk to executives about it, no real solution was offered as compensation.

JTG decided that someone needed to speak out. Having grown frustrated with knowing that he would never reach the main event scene, he felt that he had nothing to lose by doing so.

The move backfired on JTG. WWE wanted to send a message to the other performers by punishing the Cryme Tyme member. He was not utilized on television or PPV events for a year.

On June 12, 2014, JTG was finally released from WWE, which came as a surprise to nobody. Backstage heat can be a death blow to wrestlers. Careers have been ended because of it.

After many years, the JTG mystery is finally solved.

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