Panda-Snowmen Puzzle Answer, Cat-Owl Answer: Take 3 Seconds To Find Puzzle Answers [Spoilers]

Warning: This article contains answers to the viral panda-snowmen and cat-owl puzzles, so if you don’t want to see the answers to the puzzles, stop reading here. Those who’ve come here for answers to the puzzles, keep reading.

While folks have been urged to find the answer by allowing their eyes to roam line by line throughout the rows of snowmen in order to spot the cute little panda, some can’t find the answer that way. As such, they seek out the answer in the form of puzzle spoilers, akin to turning to the back page of a magazine to get the answers to a crossword puzzle.

In case you’re not one of the folks who spotted the panda among the snowmen in the popular puzzle that’s flying all over the Internet within five seconds, 15 seconds or five minutes, here’s the answer. The following image of the viral panda within the snowmen has the answer, with a circle around the panda — who is hiding towards the right-hand side in the sea of snowmen.

“There’s a panda amongst them! Can you find it?”

The answer to the panda puzzle has made the term “panda puzzle answer” a suggested term on Twitter, proving some folks are giving up in frustration at finding the answer to the puzzle. While some brag on social media that they found the answer to the fascinating panda puzzle within seconds, others on Twitter bemoan the fact that it took them a very long time to find the panda. As such, they gave up and searched for the answer to the viral panda snowmen puzzle.

As reported by Us, the panda puzzle was the ingenious work of an artist named Gergely Dudas. Dudas is from Hungary, and having created the panda snowmen puzzle one week ago, on Wednesday, December 16, “Dudolf” — his cartoonist name — found his panda puzzle going viral on Facebook. Dudolf has yet to post his panda puzzle answer for his fans, but after many were satisfied with the answer to his panda snowmen puzzle, the artist created a new challenge.

“A cat is hiding amongst these owls! Can you spot it?”

On Sunday, December 20, 2015, he created a Can you spot the cat? puzzle as well. As reported by the Independent, the clever artist has gained a legion of fans, and as such, more folks are seeking the answers to the puzzles. As for the answer to the cat hidden among owls puzzle, that one seems harder, because the owls and cat look so much alike. However, as one user posited on Instagram, a check of the noses gives the answer away to the cat among owls puzzle. The answer to that cat among owls puzzle can be found in the next photo.

As witnessed by the above answer, the cat hiding among owls puzzle answer seems harder to find until the “check the noses” tip is followed to find the answer. With the cat showing up on the bottom left-hand side, the third row from the bottom, it is a puzzle answer that is arguably more challenging than the panda-snowmen answer.

The original panda-snowmen puzzle has been liked nearly 90,000 times and shared hundreds of thousands of times. Dudolf seemed bowled over by all the attention his panda snowmen puzzle received.

“Thanks for all the likes, comments and shares my latest drawing got, it’s so unbelievable! You are the best!”

Now that Dudolf’s puzzles have gone viral, increased his following, and have the world searching for answers online, it will be interesting to see his next creations — and the answer spoilers to his puzzles as well.

[Photo by Joshua Paul/AP Images]