Courteney Cox & Will Arnett ‘Just Friends,’ Report Claims

Courteney Cox and Will Arnett were seen out to dinner in L.A. Tuesday night and it got tongues wagging. Were they out on a date? According to several reports, the pair showed up at The Palm in Beverly Hills and had a long dinner. At one point, Cox left alone and got in her SUV. When she was about 20 yards down the street, she stopped. TMZ reports that’s when Arnett emerged, but turned around and went straight back inside the restaurant again. He eventually left by Uber.

A source told People magazine that Cox and Arnett aren’t “dating.” The insider says that “they’re just friends.”

According to another report by Page Six, a source informed them that Cox isn’t romantically involved with Arnett. Aside from that, Courteney Cox is said to still be hung up on Johnny McDaid. The pair split last month after being engaged for a year and a half. “She still wants to get back with her ex [McDaid], they’ve been talking a little bit,” the source claims.

The source adds that Cox, 51, is “doing a little bit better, feeling better.” To hide how she feels about McDaid, Cox wanted to be “seen out with someone so it gives off the impression she’s happy and doing well,” according to the Page Six source. The insider alleges that McDaid was the one who wanted to break up because Cox’s relationship with male costars was “a little too close for comfort.”

He didn’t like the “fact that she’s close to them, that she stays in touch with them [because] she has this past of falling in love with people she works with. He feels very uncomfortable.”

Another reason Courteney Cox and Will Arnett may not be an item is because the Cougar Town actress is rumored to be so madly in love with her ex. The source said that “she’s told everybody that this is the most she’s ever been in love with anybody, more than with [ex-husband David Arquette] or any of her exes.”

Cox and David Arquette were married from 1999 to 2013. They have an 11-year-old daughter, Coco.

Will Arnett divorced from his wife, Amy Poehler, in 2014. They have two sons — Archie, 7, and Abel, 5.

There were other dating rumors surrounding Courteney Cox. She was linked with Matthew Perry until those speculations were squashed by E! News. According to the report, a source told them that the rumors are untrue. The former Friends costars are not dating.

Perry split with Lizzy Caplan back in 2012. He hasn’t been romantically linked with anyone since then. A source told Elle that he was rumored to be with Cox after he asked her over so they could “talk.” This led to the buzz that maybe Courteney was moving forward from her break up with McDaid.

“They’ve leaned on each other before, during her infertility struggle and his battle with addiction,” the source said.

In this instance, their casual interaction wasn’t about dating.

Courteney Cox is free and single again. Every man she’ll be seen with will be presumably her next boyfriend or new romantic quest. How many men will she be spotted with before she’s truly involved with someone? Rumors will continue to fly until something more solid emerges. Going forward, Cox can expect every date to be analyzed and paparazzi swarming her. If there’s one thing the public doesn’t give celebrities much time in doing, it’s taking time to recover from a relationship. The second they’re with someone after a breakup, there’s the instant assumption that they’re an item.

[Photo By: John Misa/MediaPunch/IPX]