Google Docs Now Offering Offline Editing Via Google Drive

Need to edit your Google Docs? In the past if you didn’t have access to the internet you were stuck, now you can edit those documents while offline.

On the second day of the Google I/O conference Google officials revealed that Google Docs offline editing is now available through the company’s cloud storage service known as Google Drive.

To demonstrate the technology Clay Bevor, director of product management for Google Apps accessed one of his Google Docs from his Windows desktop with the help of Google Drive, however the company also revealed that other devices can be used including gadgets that feature the iOS platform and Google Chrome.

The new offline feature is already available and could come in handy for travelers who may not always have internet access, for example while traveling aboard some aircraft that have yet to be outfitted with internet access.

The announcement is yet another big win for Google after the company wowed developers and fans on Wednesday when they showed off the Nexus Cube, Google Project Glasses and a Google Nexus Tablet that some critics are already calling an Amazon Kindle Fire competitor (killer?).

The Google I/O conference is held annually in California and aims at debut new technologies and forecasting the potential for other offerings from the Mountain View, California-based tech firm.

If you own an Apple based device you can download the Google Drive application for free directly from the Apple App Store.

Will you be editing Google Docs in offline mode?