Rami Malek: Things Will Be Much Tougher In ‘Mr. Robot’ Season 2 [Video]

Mr. Robot star Rami Malek sat down for an interview with Variety recently, speaking about the upcoming Season 2 of the popular TV show. Malek says he has been warned things are going to be much tougher for his character, Elliot Alderson.

If you think Elliot had it rough in the first season of Mr. Robot, apparently that was nothing, and it is going to get much worse in the second season.

Speaking with Variety about his role in the show, the award nominations he has collected, including a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor in a Television Series – Drama, Malek was asked what he knew about the continuing story in Season 2 of Mr. Robot.

Malek says he does know exactly what is going to happen in Season 2, but he can’t discuss it or give any spoilers about the ongoing plot. However, he did confirm that the show’s creator, Sam Esmail, has warned him it’s going to be much harder on his character, Elliot.

“One thing he told me, and I hope I’m at liberty to say this, is, ‘You have to tell me if there’s anything you’re not okay with,’ ” Malek said.

“He said, ‘Just tell me if things are too hard on you, and I’ll pull back.’ “

Malek responded to Esmail saying he never asked him to pull back when they were filming Season 1, which was pretty tough in itself, but Esmail pushed, saying it will get a lot harder for him as an actor with the particular subject matter they will be tackling in the new upcoming season.

Mr Robot [Image via Variety video screenshot]We know from the first season that Malek plays an emotionally disturbed hacker who constantly fights with what is in his imagination and what is actually real. While trying to bring down an evil conglomerate which has left the world economically ruined, he still has to try and cope with his own sanity, too.

The finale of the first season of Mr. Robot left fans with dropped jaws, wanting to know more and impatient for the series to continue.

While so far there are no spoilers about the far worse subject matter Malek will have to tackle in the role of his character Elliot in Season 2, Malek did say that the new season of Mr. Robot will delve into his relationship with his father, played by Christian Slater, which led him to become the person he is today, and will also look into different periods of Elliot’s mixed up life.

According to the Christian Post, Sam Esmail will be directing all episodes of Mr Robot Season 2, while in Season 1, he only directed the first three episodes and worked as a writer on five of the episodes.

The report quotes the USA Network president, Chris McCumber, as being excited over the continuation of Mr. Robot.

“We are really happy that people are seeing the same things that we see in a show that we love so much. The competition is so intense — there’s so many great shows deserving of recognition and of people’s time. It’s very hard to break through. Our philosophy is now that you have to have an ‘always-on’ strategy from the moment the season ends.”

McCumber also commended the creator of the series, Esmail saying, “You have to find voices that are relevant and great storytellers and have such a specific vision. In Sam, we have found that.”

During his interview, Malek couldn’t give Variety a release date for Season 2 of Mr. Robot, but while it was a summer show in 2015, it is likely Season 2 will be aired in the fall, especially after the critical success the show enjoyed and the devoted following it has gathered.

Watch the interview with Variety below where Rami Malek speaks about Season 2 of Mr. Robot, as well as meeting Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

[Photo screen capture from Variety video]