Louis Tomlinson Kissed Multiple Girls, Got A Butt Tattoo During Trip To Visit Danielle Campbell

Louis Tomlinson caused One Direction fans to go into full-on meltdown mode when he was spotted in Chicago looking pretty smitten with his new love interest, The Originals actress Danielle Campbell. Directioners started getting worried that Louis and Danielle might be getting serious, but according to a recent report, Danielle wasn’t the only girl Louis was spotted cozying up to during his trip to the Windy City.

According to Chicagoist, Louis Tomlinson attended The Noise FM’s Noise for Toys fundraiser at Lincoln Hall on Saturday night. He reportedly racked up a massive tab by buying shots for bar patrons, and the inebriated singer happily snapped selfies with fans who were likely very surprised to run into Louis Tomlinson at the event. Some eyewitnesses claim that Louis got a little more intimate with some of the starstruck girls at the music venue – he was allegedly spotted swapping spit with multiple smitten fans.

One Noise for Toys attendee reported that Louis Tomlinson “made out with an 18-year-old girl.” Danielle Campbell is 20-years-old, so she’s not the mystery girl that this patron saw Louis kissing. Another source told Chicagoist that Louis was spotted “making out with at least two different girls throughout the night.” The source didn’t say whether or not one of these girls was Danielle Campbell.

Perhaps Louis Tomlinson can blame his wandering lips of having a little too much to drink – one eyewitness claims that he drank so much that he had to be cut off. Louis reportedly left a 10 percent tip on his huge tab and decided to leave the bar after he was no longer allowed to purchase alcoholic beverages.

These rumors will surprise Directioners who thought that Louis Tomlinson’s trip to Chicago was a sure sign that he and Danielle Campbell have officially become a couple. Chicago is Danielle’s hometown, and Louis visited her family home over the weekend. He presumably met his rumored girlfriend’s parents, and he formed a fast friendship with Danielle Campbell’s brother, Jay. In fact, Louis and Jay may already have matching tattoos.

According to Sugarscape, Jay shared a Snapchat photo of Louis Tomlinson getting a tattoo on his butt. It’s impossible to see what Louis is having inked on his behind in the blurry picture, but Jay later revealed that he had gotten a waving penguin inked on his own butt. Because Jay captioned the photo of Louis “#twinning,” the One Direction singer presumably got a matching penguin tattoo.

Interestingly, Louis Tomlinson isn’t the only member of One Direction who sports a penguin tattoo – Harry Styles has a permanent tribute to Pingu the Penguin etched on his bod. However, it’s on his arm, not his butt. Ed Sheeran told MTV News that he and Harry Styles decided to pay tribute to their friendship by getting matching Pingu “bro tats.”

While some reports suggest that Louis Tomlinson spent his time in Chicago acting like a single lad and kissing multiple ladies, others say that he looked head-over-heels in love with Danielle Campbell. According to People, Louis was photographed wrapping his arms around the Originals actress during their visit to the Oberweis ice cream parlor.

Louis and Danielle seemingly share a sweet tooth, because they were also photographed holding hands and walking into the Red Mango yogurt shop after dinner. Danielle and Louis reportedly spent some time doing very couple-y things, like going for a walk with Danielle’s dogs and doing a little shopping together.

Louis and Danielle spotted holding hands in Chicago last night… pic.twitter.com/Px7JmjSTGD

— PDub da Rebel ✌️ (@doppelvision) December 22, 2015

It’s unclear whether Danielle Campell was with Louis Tomlinson when he allegedly went on his kissing spree at Lincoln Hall, but it doesn’t look like anyone reported seeing Danielle there.

According to the Mirror, the Louis Tomlinson’s alleged face-sucking binge and his butt tattooing weren’t his only wild moments in the Windy City. The singer, who celebrates his 24th birthday tomorrow, allegedly crashed a girl’s 21st birthday party and accidentally left his passport, phone, and coat behind after he left the bash. Luckily, he was eventually reunited with his belongings. At some point during his crazy weekend, Louis managed to find some time to sing “Happy Birthday” to Danielle’s cousin.

Do you believe the reports that Louis Tomlinson spent part of his Chicago trip making out with random girls when he’s supposedly dating Danielle Campbell?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]