iPhone 6S ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ Deal Available At AT&T Until Dec. 31

iPhone 6S Deals Available At AT&T

iPhone lovers are in for a treat this holiday season as one of the top American telecom companies is currently offering deals on the iPhone 6S that could be difficult to resist. Apparently, AT&T’s “Buy One, Get One” promotion includes one of Apple’s 2015 smartphone offerings.

Although AT&T’s advertising materials only show other major smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 as part of the BOGO deal, 9to5Mac confirmed that the iPhone 6S is also included in the sales promo. Accordingly, customers need to buy the first Apple phone via the AT&T Next Plan to be eligible for the free phone.

As explained by Vine Report, those who activate or upgrade the AT&T Next plan (a monthly financing plan) to an iPhone 6S, or even to an iPhone 6S Plus, will have the chance to get another unit of the same Apple device for free.

The AT&T BOGO deal for the iPhone 6S is available until Dec. 31, making it the perfect gift option for this holiday season. However, customers who do not want another iPhone 6S, either for themselves or as a present for their loved ones, can opt to get a bill credit worth $650, the suggested price for a 16GB iPhone 6S unit.

“This $650 credit, however, will be spread of the financing installments for AT&T Next plan,” Tech Times reported. For example, the payment plans can be divided into 28 or 30 monthly installments.

iPhone 6S Unveiled by Apple

AT&T Next plan customers will start receiving the monthly credits on their second or third billing cycle. Below are the specific details for the AT&T BOGO deals, which apply to the iPhone 6S, as well, as confirmed by local AT&T stores, according to reports.

“When you buy both on AT&T Next with qual. svc. (min. $70/mo.). Free after up to $650 in 30 monthly bill credits. (Credits start within 3 bills). Tax due at sale… Free device req’s new line on AT&T Next 24 with 30-mo. 0% APR agmt (up to $21.67/mo.). Pay up to $65.01 on free device before credits start. If svc. canceled on 1, that device balance (up to $950) is due. Activ./upgrade & other fees, monthly & other charges & restr. apply. Void in CT, RI & Miami-Dade.”

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the other popular name brands included in the BOGO promo, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note 5 are also offered in the “Buy One, Get One” deal. However, it should be noted that the free unit must be a similar brand and model to the one purchased through the AT&T Next plan.

This deal can be purchased online, over the phone or by visiting the brick and mortar stores of the network carrier. The original AT&T line needs to be in good standing for customers to be eligible for the “buy one, get one” deal for the iPhone 6S and other name brand phones.

AT&T Offers BOGO Deals for iPhone 6S Units Until Dec. 31

Despite the lack of an official price markdown for iPhone 6S, several deals and discounts were offered by the retail markets in India. From a launch price of Rs. 62,500 (that’s about $946 when converted to US dollars as of this writing), the iPhone 6S 16GB variant is said to be on sale now for only Rs. 49, 500 ($749). The discounts, reportedly, were initiated by distributors aiming to reach their sales goals for the quarter.