Woman Faces Up To 1 Year In Jail After Giving Chicken A Heart-Attack

A Kansas woman is facing up to one year in jail after her two small chihuahua’s are accused of giving their neighbor’s elderly chicken a heart-attack, reports the Kansas City Star.

29 year-old Joy McDonald faces a misdemeanor charge of animal abuse for not controlling her dogs when they escaped from the backyard of their rural home. That misdemeanor charge holds the possibility of jail time in addition to a $1,000 fine if she is officially found guilty.

McDonald tells the star that she received a phone call one afternoon from her irate neighbor, complaining that her dogs were causing chaos behind his home. She says the neighbor called “screaming and cussing that his chicken was dead because my dog was barking at them,” insisting that the noise was giving him a headache.

Soon after hanging up on her angry neighbor for cussing her out, Joy was approached by police that were sent to investigate the claim. At that point Joy even offered her neighbor $30 to replace the chicken, but was turned down by her neighbor as he stated that his wife “loves the chickens” like pets and didn’t want to accept the settlement.

Her neighbor, George Gamblin, didn’t discuss specifics of the case when contacted by reporters, but he did say that he was pressing full criminal charges, adding that,

“All I did was make a complaint with the sheriff and they turned it over to the prosecuting attorney and that’s all I know.”

According to MSN, the $1,000 fine that McDonald faces is 382 times the average sale price of a chicken in the United States.

Do you feel that Joy McDonald deserves to the face the charges of 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine after her dogs gave the chicken a heart attack?