‘Tis The Season For Family, Insults, Travel, And Just About Everything Else

'Tis The Season For Family, Insults, Travel, And Just About Everything Else

‘Tis the season for traveling to see your family, talking politics, and hoping you don’t burn the house down by leaving the Christmas tree plugged in overnight or when you and the guys are frying the turkey.

If you are traveling to visiting the family this year, the season is likely to be filled with scores of other travelers, according to WRAL, which said AAA predicts as many as 100 million people hitting the roads, airports, and train stations today and tomorrow.

At Raleigh-Durham International Airport in North Carolina, the station reports officials as expecting between 30 and 40 percent more travelers over the next two days than on a typical weekday. As a result, WRAL reports travelers should arrive at the airport as much as two hours before their scheduled flights.

'Tis The Season For Family, Insults, Travel, And Just About Everything Else

Bush: “I gotta get this off my chest — Donald Trump is a jerk.”

Trump (in response): “It’s very sad. His family’s so ashamed.”

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina: “The Clinton way to get elected: lie as long as you can get away with it.”

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz: “Sen. Rubio unfortunately made the decision not to honor the promises he made to the men and women who elected him. Instead he sided with Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and big money interests in Washington to lead the fight for amnesty.”

Bush (again): “Trump is not going to be president because he says these things that turns people off. For crying out loud, we’re two days before Christmas. Lighten up man.”

Now if politics is not your way to feel the season of Christmas, maybe decorating is your jam. Before you get near the natural tree and fill it with hot lights and other Christmas cheer, KSAZ has some tips to keep you safe and sound so you can say ‘Tis the Season’ next year.

“Check to see if you have equipment too close to the tree. If you have a portable space heater, broken wire or a light bulb that’s missing in a set, you’re at risk for having a large fire in your home that can spread to the adjoining furnishings and extends into the structure of your home.

“Firefighters recommend checking your lighting equipment or if you haven’t put it up, be sure to check it before you put it on the tree.

“MFD’s Ken Hall says make sure you have the appropriate size stand, ‘because if you don’t, it can be tipped over by a child, an animal, become close to a heat source and start a fire.’ “

Of course, frying the turkey can also make you feel “tis the season.” But as with the tips on tree safety, be sure the turkey fryer is away from the home and garage, so if there is an accident of some sort, the home will not risk catching fire. After all, if the worst that happens is a burnt turkey and a scorched driveway, you will likely have a quieter Christmas than those who decide now is the time to discuss politics (possibly borrowing the quotes from the candidates above).

'Tis The Season For Family, Insults, Travel, And Just About Everything Else

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