‘Batman: Arkham Knight — Season Of Infamy’ DLC An Instant Hit, But The Season Pass Is Still A Waste Of Money

The final Batman: Arkham Knight DLC, Season of Infamy is here with new Most Wanted missions. This is the add-on the fans have been wanting since the game was released.

When Arkham Knight was first released on consoles, it was a fun game. However, a few problems plagued the game and kept it from being the best in the series.

The biggest of these problems was the Batmobile, something we had thought we wanted. However, the game grew to be too dependent on the Dark Knight’s transportation and even made it central to about half of the optional quests. Many of us tolerated the parts where we were stuck in a fight with a multitude of drones, even though it also meant cramped fingers if we didn’t set the control options just right.

We were also cheated out of several face to face villain showdowns in favor of (again) batmobile missions. One such showdown was basically a race through underground tunnels, dodging the environment as we dealt with the Arkham Knight’s drill machine. The Riddler was another villain who used underground races which made us lament the Batmobile’s horrible controls.

The Batman: Arkham Knight — Season of Infamy DLC evens out the issue by giving us some villains who were notably missing. While most of the previous DLC missions for this game focused on giving us control of one of Batman’s allies either before or after the events of the game itself, they didn’t really add to it. Of course, at around two dollars apiece, it wasn’t that big of a loss. We got missions we could finish in about ten minutes.

It still didn’t justify the absurd price of $40 for a season pass. For almost the price of the game itself, we ended up with a bunch of missions and skins which added nothing to the core game other than a bit more aesthetic appeal or a chance to control someone other than Batman. Arkham Knight‘s Season of Infamy DLC is $10 itself and actually adds gameplay to the core game, as well as an extra mechanic which was taken from fellow Warner Bros. game, Mad Max. Now you can charge up a rage attack and use it to take on crowds, much like Mad Max‘s fury mode.

One of the biggest reasons to grab the Batman: Arkham Knight — Season of Infamy DLC is the fact that four major villains have come back to have their storylines wrapped up.

Arguably the weakest of these returning villains, Mad Hatter is back from Arkham City. He was memorable for the sole reason that his story mission ended in a big fight against rabbit-men on a floating clock, the second most psychedelic character sequence in the game. The official PlayStation Blog reveals that another hallucination awaits the Caped Crusader, which probably only complicates Batman’s already fragmented mind for reasons you’ll have to play the game to understand.

The alliance Batman made with Victor Fries in Arkham City has sprouted a new branch as the Dark Knight has a new mission to help Mister Freeze save his beloved Nora.

The Batman: Arkham Knight — Season of Infamy DLC also adds Killer Croc, who has become more reptilian than human and makes for an even more awesome boss battle.

Perhaps the most welcome return is Ra’s Al Ghul, whose role in Arkham City turned out bigger than we’d expected. Now the League of Shadows has been fractured, and this villain seems to be back from the Lazarus Pit for one last attempt at revenge.

While it appears there are no plans to rectify the Batmobile’s control problems in underground races, the Batman: Arkham KnightSeason of Infamy DLC is arguably worth buying on its own. However, the season pass is still a waste of money.

[Feature image via Rocksteady Games]