‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason’s Battle With Nikolas Leads To Chaos, Sam Turns To Sonny, Lulu’s Plan Progresses

What can viewers expect from Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers indicate that everybody will see what happens next after Nikolas and Jason’s vicious fight where Nik fell over the terrace. This December 23 episode also has action with Lulu, Dante, Valerie, and Johnny, and there is seemingly plenty of drama on the way.

Nikolas fell over the railing as he lunged at Jason, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that while he will be injured, he will survive. It seems that he will happen to fall near where Elizabeth is crying, and she will rush to his side. Hayden will be screaming at Jason on the terrace, and everybody will scramble to figure out what has happened.

According to She Knows Soaps, Sam will be shocked by something she sees on Wednesday’s show, and it would seem likely that the shocker is the aftermath of Jason and Nikolas’ fight. There will be major carnage from this fight on many levels, and it sounds as if there is more anger to come between these two men.

Jordan was rushing to the terrace as the fight was taking place, and it sounds as if she will hear Hayden screaming about Jason killing Nikolas. It is not known yet whether Jason will end up getting arrested, but General Hospital spoilers from Soap Opera Spy detail that Sam will race off to ask Sonny for his help in protecting Jason.

Sonny and Carly are said to jump into action to save their beloved friend. Jason may not remember the full extent of his former relationship with Sam, Carly, or Sonny, but he definitely needs their help now, and some suspect this may lay the groundwork for additional memories returning. Jason is said to have a significant flashback during Thursday’s show, but is it about Liz or Sam?


Wednesday’s episode also has more regarding Lulu. She has been working with Johnny to get revenge on Valerie for sleeping with Dante, but is Lulu starting to have some hesitation about the plan? General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will be pressing Johnny for details concerning what he has in mind, and it seems she may consider that they are going a bit too far.

While it is not known yet whether Lulu will scale back her quest for revenge, it seems she does arouse some suspicion from her mother. General Hospital spoilers share that Laura will be getting a bit suspicious that her daughter is up to something troublesome.

As for Valerie and Dante, they will both be working and in uniform, but they will take a smooch break in the park. General Hospital spoilers tease that somebody will be watching them from afar via binoculars. Will this be Johnny or is someone else keeping an eye on these two? What will this person do with the information they gather?

There is another new episode airing on Thursday, but General Hospital is pre-empted on Friday for the holiday. General Hospital spoilers tease that during Thursday’s show, viewers will see more of Robin as she has a heartfelt talk with Emma. It is known that both Robin and Patrick will be out of the picture soon, but how does that come to happen?

What comes next for Jason, Sam, and Elizabeth? How will the show write Patrick and Robin out of the action in Port Charles? Fans can’t wait to see what comes next as the action continues on General Hospital.


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