GOP Not Wasting Any Time: Get Used To Seeing #FullRepeal

Reactions to the Supreme Court’s upholding of ObamaCare are going to be news all day today, and representatives on both the left and the right have wasted no time responding to what will likely prove to be a controversial ruling in the coming weeks. The GOP has already started pushing their reactionary slogan on Twitter: #FullRepeal.

The Democratic National Convention’s Executive Director Patrick Gaspard tweeted “it’s constitutional. Bitches.” in response to the news that President Obama’s controversial healthcare reform law was found to be constitutional by the Supreme Court. Republicans readied a response, with Eric Cantor announcing that the House will vote yet again on the law on July 11, according to Politico. The rest of the GOP jumped right on to the social media bandwagon, pushing the hashtag #FullRepeal.

Go to the RNC’s website ( You’ll find that you’ve been redirected to a website called, a website that collects all of the tweets using the #FullRepeal hashtag, with a seemingly prepared and energized right wing tweeting like they don’t have day jobs. “#fullrepeal‬ ‪#4jobs‬ RT @GOPLeader: During the week of July 9th, the House of Representatives will once again repeal ObamaCare,” tweeted House Speaker John Boehner. “Simply put, this is a blow to freedom. ‪#Fullrepeal‬,” tweets Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. Mitt Romney’s campaign seemed pleased with the turnout as well, with Andrea Saul, Romney’s press secretary, tweeting, “Romney + Victory has raised over $200k now organically since decision. #FullRepeal.”

Politico also noted this week that Team Romney, the RNC, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and others have been involved in conference calls defining the #FullRepeal strategy should the Supreme Court uphold ObamaCare.

Here’s the video from the RNC’s website. It pretty much summarizes the #FullRepeal strategy:

Should ObamaCare be repealed? Can it be repealed?