Bernie Sanders Feeling The Burn From The DNC, Can Make A Comeback

Bernie Sanders is quickly learning that going against Hillary Clinton is a winless proposition. How does the Vermont Senator keep his mission of becoming the leader of the free world from crashing down?

It is Bernie Sanders, who has lived in the anonymity of the Democratic Party ever since he has announced his run for president. It is not that he is an unknown entity, but Bernie Sanders is standing inside the ginormous shadows of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and Clinton family credentials. It is those credentials that many predict will propel Clinton into the United States presidency, thus leaving Bernie Sanders in the dust, though not forgotten.

American voters are very familiar with Bernie Sanders. Many of them agree with some, if not most, of his proposed policies. He is beloved by his constituents and bemoaned by his detractors. It seems as if those who are against him are going to do everything that they can in order to see him become the runner-up in the Democratic primary.


The news regarding Sanders losing access to voter data has become the ugliest moment thus far in the bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. According to Time, he was able to have access to the records later, but that came after he filed a lawsuit. All of the damage was done by then. In theory, it also revealed just how far the Democratic National Committee will go to hand Hillary Clinton the nomination.

Again, that is just a theory. It is one that continues to be proven true at every step and every turn.

It is easy to say that Bernie Sanders is feeling the burn.

While that sounds a bit cliché, keep in mind that the problems voters and many inside of the DNC have, have nothing to do with his policies – the idea of another Clinton in the White House is a tantalizing thought. Why else would anyone ignore a presidential candidate who has a clear plan for free college education and continued affordable healthcare?

Since he seemingly does not have the full support of the Democratic National Committee, Bernie Sanders must become the comeback candidate by bringing more attention and energy to his campaign. All while not coming off as an angry person who is soured by the process. If he can do this, the followers he had in the beginning will return, then more people will pour out their support. A strong showing on his current tour could lead to positive results if he plays the right cards.


According to WLS-TV, Bernie Sanders will visit Chicago today. Could the “Windy City” become the place for change?

Bernie Sanders has to get in front of his supporters and speak from a place of a man who is not looking to concede the Democratic nomination. His appeal amongst potential minority voters can increase if he does a couple of things the right way.

For minority voters, police brutality is high on the list of things that must be addressed. For now, that is an issue that he has touched on more than his counterparts.

For an example, Bernie Sanders said in a statement that was recorded by CNN that Chicago-area native Sandra Bland would still be alive “if she were a white woman”.


When no other presidential candidate mentioned the Sandra Bland case, Bernie Sanders went there. Bland was found dead in a Texas holding cell, just days after being arrested for a routine traffic stop. Sanders has kept police brutality in the forefront of his campaign.

He now comes to a city that is dealing with the release of the LaQuan McDonald video.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that she, like too many African-Americans who die in police custody, would be alive today if she were a white woman.”

Bernie Sanders is not only the advocate for police brutality against minorities, he openly speaks out against the practices of Wall Street, which does not endear him to some people. It is uncertain if his vow to revamp the country’s largest financial district played a role in why the DNC has not supported him as much as Hillary Clinton. Just trust that Clinton has more Wall Street backers than Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has to bring the pomp and circumstance, along with his politics at ever stop from now, until the Democratic primary. He has a few months to pull off a major political upset. For now, Bernie Sanders has felt the burn, he can change some minds and begin feeling the love.

[Photo by Andrew Burbon/Getty Images]