Star Wars: ‘The Force’ Crushes Fashion Trends

The Star Wars premiere was addressed by (drum roll, please) Joseph Gordon-Levitt wearing! Let’s face it, when it comes to Star Wars, there is no immunity. Kids of all ages, and people of all social statuses, are present to celebrate. And let’s not forget the actors — not just the personalities on the screen of the movie, but the fans who maybe would have literally been in the movie, if they’d had the chance. Imagine your favorite stars in costume—perhaps Rey could be played by Betty White? Just kidding! But it’s at least entertaining to consider.

Still, Star Wars does have a viral effect on many things getting into the food market, according to DisZine, to invade our tummies and even climb into our beds at night.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt dons his attire for the Make-A-Wish fans [Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]
JGL wouldn't have his Christmas ensemble complete without Grinch pants.[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]
  • You should never wear crumpled clothes to work, that’s just tacky and more than likely rancid.
  • Everyone knows that black is classy, so mixing black pants with your favorite Jedi shirt could be just what the doctor ordered. Or go rogue with white.
  • The fabric makes all the difference in class. If you can find silky Star Wars PJs, that’s going to be more acceptable than flannel.
  • Layering a Star Wars shirt opened over a tank top or classic T could be devilishly charming, especially with super zingy colors.

If you decide to go Star Wars jammas at the office, you’ll want to stay classy, not trashy. Leave the slippers, bedhead, and bad breath at home. Never use Star Wars as an excuse to come to work unkempt, or the only “Force” you’ll have is the one that says, “You want to go home and rethink your life.”

"Rethink your life!" [Photo by Barry King/WireImage]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is comfier with Star Wars in a bolder and better way than anyone else has dared to do in the past. It’s almost as if he and Yoda are one with a message for mankind. A message that says something like, “Wearing Star Wars sets a standard new. Shows in pajamas confidence, yes!”

The fans were there in droves. Next time they may be wearing pajamas. [Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage]

[Cover shot: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]